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An intense week of inspiring talks and educational sessions at the world's biggest inbound conference, INBOUND 2019, is over.

Team Avidly is back in the Nordics, fueled up with new ideas, and here we give you the best takeaways of the week delivered by our team of Finnish. Swedish, Norwegian and Danish inbound enthusiasts.


How you sell is why you win

By Jeppe Houman Nyrup, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Avidly Denmark

How you sell is why you win.

That was the message HubSpot's CEO repeated over and over again from the keynote stage in Boston.

It's no secret that I find this man to be one of the most inspirational people in the world. I have had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions, and then once again this year.

He has an innovative approach to the future of business - this year was no exception. Put in short, his message is that successful companies are not the ones with the best products, prices or technology.

Rather, those with the magic formula to a great and frictionless customer experience are the ones who succeed the most. If you aim to grow your company, you should focus on the way you sell and design your processes to not only meet your customers' expectations but to help them buy from you without any obstacles whatsoever.

Ultimately, 'How you sell is why you win'.

Watch Brian Halligan's keynote here.

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Email is still is still the most valuable marketing channel

By Jens Jørgen Jensen, Inbound Marketing Specialist, Avidly Denmark

According to Ryan Deiss from DigitalMarketer.com, email is the next big thing. Not AI, chatbots, voice, or whatever marketers say these days.

Here are a few facts to underline this from a deep dive session with Michael Barber:

1. "We love email"
According to Adobe Email Survey 2018, we spend 2.5 hours on average checking personal emails every day, and 50% prefer email as their channel to receive branded communication.

2. "Email delivers solid ROI"
According to a study done by Salesforce, the average ROI for email is 3800%. And this is the case regardless of industry.

3. "It assists other channels"
Salesforce also found in another study that when people are exposed to Facebook Ads, email openers were 22% more likely to purchase.

But on the other side, 78% of all emails are just spam! And many still send the same email to every subscriber. Although email is indeed a great way to reach your customers, you need to do it in a smart and personalized way!

If you do, you can use this channel to provide value for both your customers and your company.

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Less friction!

By Therése Olsson, Sales, Avidly Sweden

I'm sitting on a train to New York, trying to summarize these interesting three days at INBOUND in Boston. One word that seems to pop up, no matter which session I think about, is friction.

Of course, friction always walks hand in hand with expectations. We, consumers, are picky these days. Our smooth interactions with brands have become a habit. Even the slightest friction can be devastating.

My insight from INBOUND 2019 and advice for you is: don't be so quick to label buzzwords like personalized video, AI or chatbots as mere trends.

Instead, try to see them as handy tools, as an evolution of communication.

If you do, they will soon become your best friends in the constant fight for frictionless communication with customers.