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3D Asset Integrity Management

Visualizations to understand and locate data.
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Efficient rendering and interaction with complex CAD models in 3D web applications explored through web viewer and integrated into Cognite Asset Data Insight and Operation Support applications.

A cohesive solution for visual data based on robotics, photogrammetry, computer vision, and visualization services. Provides the best visual frame to understand and locate data with advanced 3D CAD model ingestion, processing, and optimization.

  • Natively supports CAD formats.
  • Cognite’s algorithms allow complete 3D models to be visualized in a web viewer.
  • 3D objects are linked to other data to allow visual navigation of all data in Cognite Data Fusion.
  • Search for a piece of equipment and see all trends, documents, location in 3D model, work orders, and properties (e.g. alarm limits, weight, manufacturer, model, and so on).

In this workstream, we work towards the IT & OT organization and the underlying source systems to integrate all relevant data into our data model. We make data available in Cognite Data Fusion to fuel valuable data-driven use cases in other work streams.

Robotics data ingestion


360 image visualization



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