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Asset Data Insight

Empowering domain experts with liberated data.

Asset Data Insight is a data exploration, analytics, and dashboarding solution that empowers asset operators to make data-driven decisions and guarantee higher uptime across their entire installed base.

Using Asset Data Insight, asset operators are able to:

  • Explore all data related to their asset, including equipment details, documents, sensor values, and maintenance history. Done via global search, asset hierarchy, equipment overviews, 3D models, and customizable quick links.
  • Analyze their equipment using easy data visualizations of time series data, including rapid interaction with large data sets and flexible configuration options in line charts, scatter plots, interactive infographics, and embedded third-party reports.
  • Monitor real-time asset conditions via thresholds and notifications, including both in-app and email notifications that asset operators can respond to and help create a collection of labeled data.
  • Consolidate multiple dashboards – such as Power BI, Grafana, Tableau, and Qlik Sense – into a single view for greater convenience and ease of use.

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Asset Data Insight delivers all available data to asset operators in a fast and reliable way, giving them easy-to-use analytics tools, and providing dashboarding flexibility so that they can structure the information as they please.

Asset Data Insight is powered by Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), which collects, cleans, and contextualizes petabyte-scale data from individual sensors, smart devices, enterprise systems, and operational systems to create a collection of data that is meaningful to both humans and machines. When asset operators respond to notifications in the application by labeling them as true/false positives or true/false negatives, they help to create a collection of labeled data. This labeled data is sent back to CDF and can then help train algorithms to estimate the probability of failure in the future.

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