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Automated Identification and
Reporting (AIR)

Reduce unplanned downtime and improve maintenance planning.
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AIR is a general condition-based monitoring tool that monitors shutdown behavior and compares it to previous shutdowns and shutdowns of redundant machine set-ups. AIR notifies the first line engineer about abnormal behavior and gives them the opportunity to provide feedback.

  • AIR reduces unplanned downtime from diverse equipment and improves maintenance planning, thus reducing cost.
  • AIR monitors mid-term deviations in a two-month window to determine slope changes in certain periods.
  • Run outlier detection to compare data points over set periods of time to determine deviations in a known data bin.
  • Continuously evaluate unlimited time series data, ensuring rapid response to developing trends and deviations (short, medium and long term).
  • Automatically detect changes in behavior, with timely notifications as soon as events occur to reduce risk of further damage to the equipment.
  • Automatically detect differing behavior between parallel machines, thereby bringing attention to it as soon as it occurs and reducing risk of future damage to equipment.
  • Allow the user to easily add data to be evaluated and scale with no or very limited user configuration, to almost any number of time series.

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