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Operation Support

Enabling efficient execution of day-to-day field activities.
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Operation Support is an operations and maintenance application with machine learning to provide instant access to multiple data sources, enabling efficient execution of day-to-day field activities.

Using Operation Support, operations and maintenance teams are able to:

  • Reduce time spent on executing preventive maintenance tasks by 30-80% with real-time, in-field access to equipment data.
  • Access information such as P&IDs, technical documents, time series, and 3D models while in-field.
  • Plan and execute workflow tasks with greater efficiency and eliminate paper-based checklists.
  • Reduce the reliance on multiple detailed applications and source systems.
  • Cut time spent looking for equipment in the field.
  • Operate in-field with greater confidence and safety.
  • Perform work tasks safely and with high quality.
  • Reduce waste from poor quality in reporting, planning, and preparation of maintenance tasks.
See how the daily life of an offshore worker is being transformed through operation support


Operation Support is an application, accessible on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. Ideal for workers such as process operators, instrument technicians, electricians, and mechanics, Operation Support eliminates the reliance on numerous different software applications to complete day-to-day work.

Operation Support In Action

Operation support in action

Immediate access to key data isn’t just more efficient. It’s also conducive to a safer working environment, providing clarity and assurance when needed without having to report back to the office.


Responsive design working across devices


  • Create collaborative checklists for efficient work task execution.
  • Search and scan all available equipment for instant access to relevant data such as documents, 3D models, time series, work orders, tag properties, lube oil data, alarm limits, and more.
  • Easily find and locate equipment in-field with 3D modeling with either existing CAD models and/or photogrammetry/point-cloud models.
  • Capture and share images and video in-field for efficient collaboration with colleagues, partners, and third-party suppliers.
  • Troubleshoot in the field by comparing real-time data across equipment.



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