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Contextualization defines modern data management

Cognite Data Fusion contextualizes operational data at scale, enabling asset-intensive industries to make data-driven decisions - upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Cognite Data Fusion contextualizes operational asset data at scale in real-time, enabling engineers to make better maintenance, production, and safety decisions.


Contextually enriched data supercharges industrial data science outcomes

Streamline each phase of data science application development with Cognite Data Fusion, at scale and in demanding industrial operational environments.


Cognite Data Fusion architecture

Prefer a more technical perspective? Watch our technical architecture walk-through with Cognite CTO Geir Engdahl.


Cognite Data Fusion
key features

Data Liberation
Data Liberation & Integration

Extract operational data directly from source systems and contextually integrate it with data from data warehouses and data lakes. Break down data silos and consolidate all data into a single cloud-based storage and access location.

Optimizes Time
Optimized Time Series

Automatically calculate key statistical features of incoming data at various granularities. Interactive data exploration in milliseconds, not minutes or hours.

Process and Data
Process & Data Exploration

Explore all industrial data fully contextualized. See connections between data, physical 3D models, and P&ID process flows.

Data Type
Data Type, Data Set, Data Kit

Data management and configuration reinvented for the digital use case-centric era. A use case-centric approach to accessing, managing, and monitoring collections of rich live industrial data.

Contextualization Pipelines

Contextualized data as a service through a combination of machine learning, rules engine, and subject matter expert enablement. Set up contextualization pipelines to automatically relate time series to assets, 3D nodes to assets, and more.

3D & Photogrammetry Pipelines

Ingest, transform, and contextualize 3D models, P&IDs, and other visual data into your data backbone. Visually explore complex data dependencies. Design better models faster.

Physics Simulations

Supercharge your production optimization and predictive maintenance programs with physics-guided machine learning. Synthesize more data using domain insights from process simulations to unlock missing training data.

Model Hosting

A tightly integrated environment for building, training, testing, deploying, and managing models. Tailored model deployment without the hassle of engineering or managing infrastructure. Easily schedule and run notebooks, ML models, calculations, simulators, and transformations.

Data Quality

Identify, profile, and resolve data quality issues at different steps of the data pipeline. From multiple data ingestion points, to data management, data contextualization, and ongoing monitoring ensuring data consumers continuously rely on high quality data in safety critical environments.

Low Code Frameworks

Enabling business citizen developers to build line-of-business web-based data-oriented applications using no-code or low-code development. Resulting in faster operational scalability and less reliance on tech experts to develop apps and test hypotheses.

Secure Data Sharing

Data sharing granularity puts data in the hands of everyone who needs it – including partners and suppliers – while keeping it safe from those who don’t.

AI Workflow Integrations

Leverage AI to build optimal combination of data inputs, models, visualization, and notification configurations. Automate key steps of the data science workflow with little-to-no human interaction. Enabling citizen and expert data scientists to efficiently solve problems and create value at scale.

With Cognite Data Fusion, the business case for solving digitalization use cases becomes profitable.


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