Bring your approach to data management and configuration into the digital use case-centric era.

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Define Data Types as verifiable, easy-to-understand contracts about the form of data between data creators and data consumers. Programmatically describe and retrieve information about pumps, wells, compressors, and other assets to build applications for industry.

Retain full overview of data lineage and control over data integrity with Data Sets, a group of data with a shared origin. For any data object, you can easily trace which source it comes from, which transformations have been done, and who created it. Furthermore, Data Sets enable secure third-party write-back to Cognite Data Fusion.

Data Sets

Give your data managers rich insights into how data is used and which downstream usage dependencies exist with Data Kits, collections of data that power a model or an application built on top of Cognite Data Fusion. Monitor data quality for all running use case solutions, view which solutions are currently running, and share knowledge about previously built apps and dashboards efficiently.

Cognite Data Fusion

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Operational Digital Twin: How Data Contextualization Provides A Complete, Actionable Understanding Of Industrial Operations