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How Cognite Data Fusion supports Wintershall Dea's rotating equipment experts

Data in context eliminated the need to access multiple systems.

Cognite liberated sensor trends, documents, and data from other systems at Wintershall Dea’s installations, visualizing it in dashboards that give maintenance experts quick access to information about rotating equipment.

The solution saves Wintershall Dea's experts an estimated 7-10 hours a week.

In Short

Cognite and Wintershall Dea used Cognite Data Fusion and Asset Data Insight to free up time that rotating equipment experts normally spent accessing different systems to collect data. Those experts can now reinvest that time in activities that generate value.

7-10 hours saved per week


At Wintershall Dea’s installations at the Mittelplate oil field off the coast of Germany, injection pumps help maintain the proper pressure in reservoirs, and multiphase pumps export oil, gas, and water to the Dieksand onshore facility. These types of pumps are just two examples of critical rotating equipment that must be in good working condition for the production at Germany’s largest oil field to run smoothly.

Wintershall Dea’s maintenance experts currently do not have an easy way of viewing rotating equipment data, however. Quick access to sensor data trends, equipment status, and key performance indicators could help them perform daily analyses, optimize operations, and avoid costly repairs.


Cognite worked with Wintershall Dea to liberate sensor trends, documents, and data from other systems and collect it as a comprehensive, contextualized set in Cognite Data Fusion (CDF). The data is easily accessible in Asset Data Insight, Cognite’s flagship application for smart maintenance.

Cognite and Wintershall Dea’s developers then used the contextualized data to build three Power BI dashboards. The dashboards give maintenance experts an at-a-glance overview of the operation of the pumps. From their respective landing pages, the dashboards let users explore sensor trends, temperatures at critical locations (e.g. bearings) of the pumps, early warnings of deviations from normal operations, and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) overlaid with live data.



Wintershall Dea’s rotating equipment maintenance experts estimate that the dashboards will help them save 7-10 hours a week by eliminating time that would normally be spent accessing different systems to collect information. With greater access to data and more time at their disposal, the maintenance experts can optimize Wintershall Dea’s operations for greater throughput, identify maintenance issues before they cause equipment failure, and increase safety at the company’s installations.

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