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Highlights from Ignite Talks 2020

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Ignite Talks 2020

3 days. 23 talks. 52 speakers. Over the course of three days, Ignite Talks put the virtual spotlight on the leaders and innovators behind the wheel, steering our industries and supply chains toward a better, data-driven, and sustainable industrial future.

Ignite Talks, Cognite's free, virtual conference on industrial digitalization, brought together some of the world’s leading industrial and technological minds together to envision a bold digital future — one where we realize the true value of our industrial data and tackle our greatest challenges.

Under the banner "Reimagining How Minds and Machines Work Together," the conference tackled the big questions everyone in industry is asking, including:

  • How do we reimagine the way minds and machines can work together to transform our industries and ease the coming energy transition?

  • How can companies scale digitalization and generate real value?

  • How can technologies usher in a sustainable future and pave the way to decarbonizing industry?

All Ignite Talks sessions are now available for free and on demand. Whether you're interested in sustainability, ocean data, scaling digital solutions, subsurface and drilling, grid digitalization, cybersecurity, or any of the other topics explored during the conference, you'll find a lineup of engaging conversations about the future of the industries that power our economies.

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Highlights from Day 1: Igniting Industrial Transformation: Europe & Norway’s Leading Role


The world is at a technological, economic, and environmental crossroads. Tuesday's sessions explored how European leaders are seizing the opportunity to transform.


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"2020, with all its challenges and uncertainties, may turn out as the same digital tipping point for the industries as iPhone was for consumers 13 years ago."

Øyvind Eriksen, President and CEO, Aker ASA


What's Next for the Global Energy Transition: Technology for Transformative Change

"I have a huge belief in the power of digital to give society what it wants, to make us more competitive — which we need to be — and to give our people work which is more fulfilling. Industrial software is at the heart of that."

Bernard Looney, CEO, BP


Off to an Early Lead: How NCS Operators Are Embracing Technology and Digital Transformation

"One of the more profound [lessons] from 2020 is just how precious human interaction is — in creativity, problem solving, individual well-being, and just enjoying working life. And for all the digital tools in the world, it is still people who make the difference."

Kristin Færøvik, Managing Director, Lundin Energy Norway


Best-Laid Plans: How 2020 Reshaped Industrial Innovation Priorities

“If we don’t get the digitalization right, we will have a hard time making the industry work, and if we don’t get the sustainability, we won’t have a business in the long term.”

Marika Cecilia Reis, Vice President - Head of Innovation, Maersk Drilling



Highlights from Day 2: America’s Industrial Transformation


The United States’ technology prowess and raw innovative capacity is unmatched. Wednesday’s sessions explored what it will take for the US to once again set the pace for global innovation.


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"The right software platforms and technology can help US industry become a global leader in both industrial digitalization and the transition to renewables."

John Markus Lervik, CEO, Cognite


The Digitalization of US Industries

“Companies are leaning in a lot harder — in the US in particular — as they think about automation going forward and how to leverage AI as an assistant for all the expertise that exists in the industry.”

Darryl Willis, Vice President - Energy, BP


Industry Under Siege: A New Era of Industrial Cybersecurity

“Similar to how we establish a safety culture on the shop floor, we need to do the same thing for security. But we can’t achieve that if we keep using basic security awareness training materials. OT people can understand cybersecurity, it’s just that we’re not talking in the right way.”

Tomomi Aoyama, Head of Business Development UK, Nihon Cyber Defence


The Future of Work: Reimagining How Minds and Machines Work Together

“One of the best places to start in any automation task is to go to the people who are doing the job and say ‘What do you hate? What is the thing that you like least about your job?’ and fully understanding that as an entry point to ‘Here’s a way that automation can help solve your problem.’”

Michael Perry, Vice President of Business Development, Boston Dynamics



Highlights from Day 3: Driving a Global Transformation from the Bottom Up

day3The domains and technologies behind the scenes are the real drivers of industrial transformation. Thursday's sessions explored how domains such as sustainability and subsurface and drilling are being transformed by data and technology.


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"Focusing down on pragmatic, tangible, immediate problems is the best place to start, but you have to have in mind all the time how you’re going to scale it to the next problem."

Paul Miller, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Cleaning Up Our Act: Data-Driven Sustainability in Upstream Oil & Gas

“Obviously the energy transition is happening, but also at the same time there’s a digital transformation that’s happening in parallel. That digital transformation will enable a lot of the energy transition and delivery of the net-zero ambition by 2050. They really go hand in hand.”

Rob Kelly, Head of Upstream Digital, BP

Waves of Change: Using Data to Advance Ocean Sustainability

“We have an opportunity. We have the tools. We just need the will and the wherewithal to really advance in a more modern way what our blue economy can be tomorrow.”

Craig McLean, Assistant Administrator of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Introducing A New Way of Working in Subsurface and Drilling

"With these new capabilities, we see a significant increase in interest in data across domains — data that normally belongs in one domain. Suddenly we have a lot of requests for access to these data from other domains. That’s all about having ease of access and availability."

Kjartan Nesse, Vice President of Digitalization, Aker BP


Value-Added Tech: Enhancing Your Product Portfolio with Digital Solutions

“There are still a lot of fundamental challenges to deal with when it comes to digitalization, and that goes across managing data, scaling AI — cybersecurity, of course — but maybe the biggest challenge of them all is to do the real transformation — the whole transformation — of how you do business and how you operate.”

Mats Agervi, President & CEO, Combient


From all of us at Cognite: Thank you to all our participants, sponsors, and attendees for once again making Ignite the go-to arena for all things industrial digitalization.

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See you in 2021.