Cognite Business Applications

Cognite Applications address the “last mile” in the life of industrial data and AI, focusing on complete end-user experiences in production, maintenance, integrity, and field worker efficiency.

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Deploy AI as part of your "business as usual"

Cognite Business Applications

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Cognite Applications introduce AI-powered efficiency to core industrial processes, collaboration and remote work. With Cognite Business Applications you can securely and gradually deploy AI as part of your new “business as usual.” 

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Cognite Applications are built on Cognite Data Fusion, a revolutionary data fabric layer where OT and IT data is integrated and contextualized to enable advanced analytics application development, operationalization and scaling.

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Cognite Applications are built with one focus: For your operational disciplines to know exactly when to focus, where to focus, what action is required, and how to act on this insight in collaboration. 

Transform your maintenance routines. Empower your field workforce. Make the vision of unmanned platforms and installations a reality. Reach and expand your production potential.

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Ease of Use

Built with domain users — for domain users

AI intelligent solution


Enabling the deployment of AI solutions in an industrial context, transforming work processes and speeding up decision-making

availability remote collaboration


Facilitating Remote Collaboration across legacy data and organizational silos, making your business more resilient and efficient



Bringing AI-modern software capabilities into the process without replacing current applications and source systems

Cognite Maintain

Bringing AI and seamless collaboration into your maintenance processes by breaking down traditional data and organizational barriers.

Transform Your Maintenance
Cognite BestDay

An interactive platform for data-driven production optimization.

Expand Your Production
Cognite InField

Your in-field AI-assistant for maximum field worker productivity.

Empower Your Workforce
Cognite Remote

Remote operations asset integrity management.

Enable your Remote Asset Management

Get ready to transform your business with Cognite Data Fusion and Cognite Industry Apps



"Cognite offers a modular services portfolio and pricing model allowing clients to enhance functionality and scale the solution step by step to address a client’s specific needs and digital maturity levels".


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See how the Cognite functionality fits to your maintenance process

Making the Cognite Business Case to Your C-Suite

With the Cognite Data Fusion low-code integration and reusable components you are able to deploy any custom application at ease, to solve your specific business problems.


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