Cognite BestDay

Set your BestDay production target and boost your production potential.

Challenge: Visibility

What is my maximum production? Where in the production process are we experiencing production deviations, and where do I need to focus my attention to reach optimum production? Cognite BestDay creates real-time organizational visibility on all important aspects of production.

Challenge: Collaboration

Are important production decisions made via phone or email? Do you have clarity on what actions were performed by whom, based on what suggestions? Cognite BestDay is your collaboration platform for the production process, assuring clear communication and accountability.

Challenge: Data-Driven Optimization

Production optimization means reaching or raising your maximum production capacity. But where should you put in your efforts? Cognite BestDay provides real-time visibility on production deviations across your choke model, enabling you to systematically improve production.

Challenge: Reduce Deferments

With Cognite BestDay, you can see planned deferments and automatically detect deviations, access proven response actions, and drill down into live data from entire systems to individual wells to ensure fast and accurate actions on any production deviation.

Cognite BestDay: Key Features

Equip your workforce with the right data at the right time by providing them with access to all the information they need in one user interface.

Using BestDay, companies register:
• 10% reduction in duration and volume of unplanned deferment events
• 0.5-1.5% increase in overall production throughput

In addition, companies achieve closer collaboration between production teams, control rooms, management, and visible accountability for all.

What is your maximum production? One definition is a combination of uptime and production capacity, but how is the production capacity defined?

The backbone of Cognite BestDay is the data-driven AI model calculating your "BestDay" production capacity. The model is evaluating the production history - both logged deferments and actual production -, custom configured boundary conditions and production criteria for your production system, in addition to a set of outlier detection models.

The algorithm updates daily to ensure you have a dynamic relationship with your maximum production.  

BestDay is a portal for the roles involved in day to day operations - meaning the Control Room Operator who can perform actual operational changes, the Production Engineer creating production plans, first line Engineering support who guides the operator and their supervisors who need an overview of operations. BestDay provides them with visibility - transparency - on both the maximum achievable production, BestDay, and how your real time production compares against this expectation through production deviation capturing and logging.

This serves as a collaboration platform for upstream teams across executives, production engineers and control room operators.

Building confidence in your production data through transparency and visualization, and giving you the possibility to reach and expand your target, with full traceability.

Connect the dots between planned deferments and logged deferments for full traceability and continuous improvement of deferment handling.

Cognite BestDay complements and integrates with your existing tools and makes them actionable.

Access your simulators, physics, and AI models through our production advisor integration to increase throughput in real-time. This helps data scientists and production engineers deploy solutions that the control room can access, get notified by, and manage.

With Cognite BestDay, everyone involved in production can see a real-time view of the most critical tasks to focus on, and automatic notifications about deviations enable timely and efficient decision-making.

With a customizable choke model, users can go further and drill into the source of the issue — whether it is scheduled deferments or sudden deviations — and request advice from production engineers or suggest changes to planned deferments to better fit the production timeline.

Fuel workflows with collaboration and communication capabilities across all involved parties. Tag your colleagues, send production recommendations, document your actions, learn from historical troubleshooting, decrease your response time, create visibility, and increase organizational learning as a by-product.


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Your collaboration platform for

End-to-End Production Optimization

production throughputReach and expand your production throughput. Equip your workforce with the right data at the right time by providing them with access to all the information they need in one user interface. Cognite BestDay is an interaction platform for data-driven production optimization. It gathers all the information for operational decisions in one place, facilitating collaboration and the open exchange of insights. This ensures a continuous learning process — across both shifts and assets in the fleet.
bestday algorithmThe baseline of Cognite BestDay is a statistical “BestDay,” an algorithm based on installed production capacity, planned deferments, historic production and deferments, custom boundary conditions, and known constraints. The algorithm is updated daily to ensure that you have a dynamic relation with your maximum production. Empowering real-time, data-driven production decisions. Providing transparency and ownership of what constitutes a “BestDay” — and the means to achieve it. 
kpi targets BestDay integrates into the user’s workflows with your existing source systems and automatically enables you to benchmark across your assets with a set of objective criteria and KPIs. Keep your robust IT architecture as it is, and supercharge your processes with visibility and collaboration on your already rich data foundation.

Production target

Real-time production data is tracked against the statistically calculated BestDay production capacity, with automatic and real-time deviation identification and further supported root cause analysis.

Advisors integration

Cognite BestDay supports custom modules integrated seamlessly as advisors - typically optimization solutions for specific bottlenecks identified for the asset. These modules aid in understanding and mitigating detected deviations.

Deferment capturing and logging

A production deviation can be linked to a scheduled deferment event, or a new deferment can be created - ensuring all under performance is explained and learned from.

Deviations and bottleneck detection

The deviation detection ML models fuels a bottleneck map of your asset - highlighting the biggest optimization points in your production process; categorized based on the choke model.

Deviations detection

The production deviation ML models are continuously run.

BestDay collaboration

Facilitate troubleshooting and general communication across disciplines.
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Production target

Monitor real-time production versus production target. Increase your production baseline and set the standard for your operations. 

deviations monitoring

Deviations and bottleneck detection

Real-time monitoring of all your bottlenecks across an asset. Leveraging your choke model and real-time automatic deviation detection when production differs from expectations.

deferment capturing

Deferment capturing and logging

Guided real-time deferment capture, providing the data foundation to drive production improvements.

advisor integration

Advisor integrations

Direct access to all your hybrid AI advisors. Get notified about relevant advice, and get direct access to the advisors through the console.


Collaboration between shifts and roles

Collaboration and information flows freely between participants in day-to-day operations and production processes.

Reach and expand your production potential