Cognite InField

Digital transformation starts with your field workers.

Challenge: Performance

More than half of field workers’ time is spent on nonproductive work. Cognite InField targets all time thieves to optimize the productivity of field workers and make their days more meaningful.

Challenge: Information access

The information required for efficient field work resides in a multitude of systems. Whether it's sensor data, P&IDs, work descriptions, or other documents, Cognite InField makes it all available at field workers' fingertips.

Challenge: Collaboration

Efficiently collaborate with the rest of the operations team. Cognite InField makes it easy to tag colleagues in the office or on other shifts and enrich the maintenance process through documented continuous improvement.

Challenge: Usability

Industry is starved for modern user interfaces. Cognite InField’s award-winning design makes planning and executing field work intuitive and efficient.

Recipient of one of the most prestigious awards for excellent design work

InField Won the 2020 Red Dot Award for Interface Design

Cognite InField: Key Features

Whether serving as a digital worker application or mobility software, Cognite InField makes work easier while in the field. Already in use by some of the world's leading oil and gas operators, InField combines workflow support with data integration to simplify day-to-day work.

Using InField, workers register:
• 30-50% reduction in time spent on preparation and execution
• Improved data flow to second-line workers and maintenance planners

Cognite InField integrates with and enhances your work processes instead of creating new ones.

Most maintenance activities are managed in a CMMS. Cognite InField can integrate with your CMMS to initiate and close out activities, saving you administrative time that can be spent on tools. Features include:

• "One-click" checklist creation based on your work order's object list for efficient field execution

• Group items on the list by area and optimize the execution order

• See the physical position of your tasks in 3D

• Include images for smart reporting to provide better context and improved report quality

All field workers know that efficient information flow from the field to the office is imperative for competitive operations. But context and information is often lost due to cumbersome notification procedures and lack of data richness in the reporting tools (and the interfaces in between). With InField, you can:

• Scan the asset tag or register location

• Take a picture of the relevant condition of equipment

• Add other data such as real-time sensor data

• Record voice memos or type comments

• Tag your involved colleagues for collaboration

Cognite specializes in integrating data from different data sources and generating information and insights to create valuable operational improvements. Cognite InField uses these capabilities to give field workers all the information they need to succeed. Features include: 

• Scan or search for any equipment tag

• Access all relevant data from multiple data sources at your fingertips

• Complete field work without trips to and from the office to print documents

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Your collaboration platform for

Field Workers

field workers
Empower and optimize your field workforce. Eliminate the reliance on numerous software applications to complete everyday work for field workers such as process operators, instrument technicians, electricians, and mechanics. Put the data at the fingertips of your field personnel by equipping them with an intuitive and easy-to-use application to increase their efficiency and performance. 
smart administrative
Cognite InField also supports administrative work processes with smart reporting and work permit integration capabilities, maximizing time on tools and minimizing administrative overhead. 
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Cognite InField is built on Cognite Data Fusion, and it is seamlessly integrated with Cognite Maintain. With the click of a button, push the schedule from Cognite Maintain to your field personnel for execution. And with InField’s smart reporting capabilities, you can get feedback to continuously improve your planning and strategy work.

Find information

Access all necessary equipment information, such as documents and properties

Manage tasks

Get a full overview of your work tasks and orders with an optimized checklist that automatically syncs with your task management systems

Access data

Troubleshoot faulty equipment in the field using real-time sensor values

Scan or search

Quickly locate relevant data by scanning a tag nameplate in the field, or searching by keywords on desktop


Locate equipment in the field with the use of simplified and detailed 3D models

Responsive design

Across all devices
instant access

Instant access to contextualized data

Instant access to all necessary equipment information in the field. Easily locate equipment with 3D models. Efficiently troubleshoot faulty equipment using real-time sensor values.

efficient execution

Efficient end-to-end workflow execution

Get a full overview of your work tasks with optimized checklists that automatically sync with task management systems such as SAP, Workmate, Dynamics or ServiceMax.

digitized routine

Digitized routine rounds

Schedule tasks, collaborate on checklists to support routine rounds across shifts, and use smart reporting to provide status updates to management, planners, and other field workers.

optimized field

Optimized field operations

Remove waste by activating work permits directly from your mobile device or tablet.

Empower and Optimize Your Field Workforce