Cognite Maintain

Bring performant contextualized data and a modern interface to your maintenance processes.

Challenge: Performance

Is my maintenance program set up to boost performance? Cognite Maintain's performance KPIs and benchmark views can help you find out.

Challenge: Unplanned Work

How do I optimally handle unplanned work coming in? Cognite Maintain's work order planning support can give you the answers you seek.

Challenge: Scheduling

How can my scheduling take advantage of the capacity of my workforce to meet my goals? Cognite Maintain's optimized scheduling can help boost your efficiency.

Challenge: Support/Maintenance

Are my acceptance criteria adequate? Cognite Maintain's maintenance monitoring and decision support will help spot and resolve problems with ease.

Cognite Maintain: Key Features

Enabling the flow of information between all involved parties through data integration and assisting workflows with performant software is vital to reaching maintenance goals, with the ultimate goal of keeping production high and costs low.

To help your company perform, Cognite has developed Cognite Maintain. Through data integration and a modern interface, we can help you make the most of your maintenance systems and resources.

Using Maintain, maintenance and operations teams register:
• 30% reduction in planned deferments by optimally scheduling maintenance activities
• 5% efficiency gains on maintenance execution overall

With Cognite Maintain, you can set up views to quantitatively assess and improve your program performance in real time. You can compare performance between facilities, asset classes, and assets to ensure that your organization is aligned on maintenance objectives and performant in execution.

Detecting anomalies earlier and deciding what actions to take is something every practitioner knows is imperative to an efficient maintenance process.

In modern industry, this process is handled by a combination of classic condition monitoring with expert decisions, machine learning-based anomaly detection on sensor data from assets and whole asset classes, and purpose-built complex models combining physical models with data science and real-time data. The complexity span is from simple threshold-based surveillance to complex failure mode detection algorithms.

Regardless of the complexity of any individual model, the real complexity is aggregating this up to a System of Systems-level and integrate the information output systematically into maintenance activities.

With Cognite Maintain, you can manage a fleet of models, assess their quality, and decide which anomalies should result in what actions, which can then be efficiently integrated with your maintenance process with the scheduling capabilities described below.

Cognite Maintain provides all the information and necessary process support and collaboration functionality to efficiently plan work orders. With contextualized data and modern software, you can see the availability of materials, automatically create isolation plans, and take other actions boost your work order planning efficiency.

Combining planned work and unplanned work into optimal work packages or campaigns, considering all dependencies, logistics, risks, and production deferment consequences, and fitting them to a changing target — whether it is minimum OPEX or maximum backlog reduction — that takes into account all resource and discipline constraints is complex, to say the least.

To do it successfully, it helps to have world-class software that not only provides you with all necessary information but also uses cutting-edge machine learning to provide suggestions, all displayed in an intuitive view, whether the task at hand prefers 3D, 2D, or informative tables. These features give you full control to combine and send both planned and unplanned maintenance work efficiently to execution.

Cognite Maintain writes back to your CMMS. We don’t want to replace your maintenance system. We simply provide a modern and intuitive experience when scheduling your maintenance work. Features include:

• Select the scope of work you want to optimize

• Explore your scope based on relevant data from a wide range of sources

• Optimize the scheduling of activities and optimally load your available resources

• Instantly access relevant reports addressing readiness and status of scope

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Data-Driven Maintenance

transform maintenance
Transform your maintenance. The flow of information between your maintenance and operations workforce, and performant, software-supported workflows is vital to reaching your maintenance goals, including keeping uptime high and life cycle costs low.   
monitoring advanced
Cognite Maintain consolidates simple threshold monitoring, machine learning, and hybrid models to detect different types of anomalies in your equipment data. You can also integrate multiple monitoring solutions and models from multiple vendors, making operating on an expansive monitoring strategy not just possible, but effective.
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With Cognite Maintain you can set up views to quantitatively assess and improve your program performance in real time. You can compare performance between geographies, facilities, asset classes, and assets to ensure your organization is aligned on maintenance objectives and efficient in execution. You have full control to combine and execute both planned and unplanned maintenance tasks.
Icons Updated-49-pngCognite Maintain is built on Cognite Data Fusion, and it provides a seamlessly integrated execution with Cognite InField. With the click of a button, push the schedule to your field personnel for execution. And with InField’s smart reporting capabilities, get feedback to consistently improve your planning and strategy work.

Scope View

Scope view, zoomed in to see work orders visualized on 3D, including suggestions to the far right.

Scope view suggestions

Scoping with suggestions settings open

AI-assisted scheduling

Get suggestions for the optimal schedule, taking into account the constraints on personnel and disciplines

Scheduling view

Scheduling view, with work orders and operations visualized, capacity in table below, and comment functionality shown

Material report

Reporting section with emphasis on Material report

Risk report

Reporting section with emphasis on Risks for the selected platform
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Performance KPIs and benchmarks

View the live situation of your assets, long- and short-term KPIs, and critical ongoing work, and immediately recognize and act on challenges and improvement potential. 

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Maintenance monitoring and decision support

Unleash the full potential of physics and data models by making them part of your maintenance processes. Survey all your running ML models, assess their predictive performance, and create work orders and tasks from any anomalies detected — straight into your CMMS of choice. Transform the business case of monitoring and scale across your equipment fleet, making it an imperative part of your maintenance strategy.

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Optimized and dynamic scheduling

Whether you are interested in reducing deferments, minimizing opex, or decreasing your backlog, get suggestions for the optimal schedule, taking into account the constraints on personnel and disciplines. Decrease the need for planning and scheduling lead time to efficiently handle a more dynamic maintenance strategy with a larger share of predictive and corrective monitoring — without increased operational risk.

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Collaboration in real time

With easy sharing of contextual, real-time information, you can harness the expertise in your organization and collaborate on improving your maintenance processes.

Transform your maintenance routines