3D & Photogrammetry Pipelines

See your data in new ways.

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Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) makes it easy to incorporate augmented reality, computer vision, photogrammetry, and other 3D tools into your industrial operations.


Cognite’s web viewer SDK, REVEAL, easily integrates CAD visualizations into any web-based application. The SDK loads the CAD model from Cognite Data Fusion and supports effective in-browser rendering based on Cognite’s geometry optimizations.

Cognite’s web viewer SDK

Cognite Data Fusion supports ingestion of various point cloud files from terrestrial laser scanners, laser scans from drones, and subsea sonar scans. REVEAL enables flexible rendering of point cloud data, both standalone and combined with corresponding CAD models.


Cognite Data Fusion’s integrated photogrammetry service lets you upload source data such as photos, videos, or laser-scanned data to create photorealistic 3D models. Using algorithms and machine learning, the models can be then connected to asset tags and live sensor data.


Leverage computer vision to detect and recognize text, objects, and anomalies. Cognite Data Fusion provides ready-to-use models that can be used to enrich imagery data, such as recognizing visual asset tags, detecting faulty cables, and converting piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) in PDF format to clickable SVG files.


Cognite partners with Epic Games’ enterprise division to provide advanced data visualization on top of Cognite Data Fusion. Our 3D pipeline prepares 3D assets for consumption in the Unreal Engine, loading the 3D models dynamically from CDF. The 3D CAD models can be enriched with realistic materials and lighting, and combined to create a full 3D visualization of larger areas such a complete oil field.


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