Make confident operational decisions informed by data you can trust.

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Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) lets you identify, profile, and resolve data quality issues at every step of the data quality pipeline, ensuring that your data consumers can rely on high-quality data in safety-critical environments.

Cognite Data Fusion (CDF)

Empower data consumers to make decisions about whether the data can be used for their purpose, based on data quality assessments. Grant or restrict access rights based on granular groups of data, see who uses which data, and enable secure third-party write-back to Cognite Data Fusion.

Cognite Data Fusion

Define your own data quality requirements to ensure that your users can trust the data. Set minimum and maximum limits for time series data, requirements for density of data points, data latency, and more. Receive alerts when data quality is low, and display data quality status in other applications and dashboards.

Data Fusion

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