Hybrid AI

Supercharge your AI development. Deploy physics guided machine learning for sensitive production use cases.

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Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) lets you take a hybrid approach to artificial intelligence, combining the best of data-driven machine learning and physics-based modeling.

There is more to Industrial AI than ML/DL

Cloud connect to established physics simulators as a service for synthetic data. Fast-track implementation with virtual IIoT sensors. Deploy physics guided machine learning at scale.

With Cognite Data Fusion, you can configure, run, and schedule industry leading simulators such as Unisim, Olga, Turbulent Flux, Multiflash, and Hysys using live contextualized data. Automate routine simulator studies, or monitor problem cases by automatically running a simulator with live data, collecting the results, triggering actions, and visualizing output.

Integration to Physics Simulators

Integration to Physics Simulators

Synthesize more data, using domain insights from process simulations, to unlock missing training data.


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