Simplify managing time series data and put it to use in applications that deliver real value.

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Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) builds on proven, large-scale cloud technologies to enable working with massive volumes of time series data easily and responsively.

Cognite Data Fusion

Managing time series data is central to industrial data science workflows. Cognite Data Fusion lets you store and retrieve high-volume raw data and extend it with synthetic time series. Aggregate queries instantly, read and write tens of millions of data points in seconds, and scale up or down automatically and seamlessly depending on load.

Applications and models have different data needs. Cognite Data Fusion gives you control over the resolution, time span, and other aspects of the time series data on demand.

Cognite Data Fusion
Cognite Data Fusion supports uploading time series data points at a rate of about 10 million per second. In addition, CDF prioritizes uploading live sensor data. Add decades of historical data quickly, and feed it to the critical applications that rely on it.

Designed for insights. Beyond instant raw data access, Optimized Time Series automatically calculates key statistical features of incoming data at various granularities. This means you don’t have to wait for minutes or hours for queries to finish, but at most a few hundred milliseconds. This is what interactive data exploration feels like.

Cognite Data Fusion automatically calculates aggregates for time series. Seamlessly zoom out from the millisecond scale to view decades of data. No need to manually retrieve the raw data for the sensor.

Cognite’s TSDB (Time Series Data Base) and content performance is built for scale.

  • 2.5 trillion data points stored from 600k tags (100TB of source data)
  • 10 million data points per second ingestion
  • 15 million data points per second queries
  • 200 ms @99th percentile from data arrives at API gw until queryable
  • Scales automatically and seamlessly depending on load
  • Supports both JSON and protobuf formats for performance-sensitive applications

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