Awesome people. Future tech. Tough challenges. Big impact.

We’re making industrial data more valuable than ever. Empowering human users with data-driven insights. And driving the digital industrial revolution on a global scale.

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Join Norway's first unicorn


With a recent investment round of $150M USD, Cognite is the first Norwegian company to earn "unicorn" status. 

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Come along for the ride

The makings of a Cogniter


Our global team is more than 500 strong, including some of the best and brightest software engineers, product managers, designers, domain experts, and commercial professionals in the business. 

Cogniters are smart, passionate builders and problem solvers. We hail from more than 60 countries and bring a wide variety of backgrounds and professional experiences to the table. Diversity of perspective is a huge asset to us. We're out to do something brand new! And what we have in common is important too: Friendliness, curiosity, drive, and the desire to make the biggest impact we can on the future.

When asked what the best part of working in Cognite is, we point to each other: The awesome people.

Meet some Cogniters

Transforming industry


Founded in 2016, Cognite quickly made a name for itself as a band of digital disruptors in a conservative space. Our team united to take the industrial world by storm with technology! From robotics to 3D to advanced cloud computing. Working closely with our customers, we empowered industrial users with insightful access to contextualized data for the first time. Over and over we created customer value. 

Today, along with Cognite Data Fusion, our core technology, we've got a full suite of Business Applications. A growing portfolio of robust Industry Solutions. And a fast-growing team strong enough to weather a pandemic and continue to generate maximum impact with our products.

Make an impact with us


Our values keep us moving in the right direction.




We move fast and try new things. Execution is everything. 



Data must be open to create value. We share as much as possible with our customers and partners alike.



Go big or go home. We fundamentally change the industrial world and make it more sustainable. 

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We innovate through building on our ideas and strengths. This means supporting and challenging one another.


Obligation to Speak Up

We speak up if we have ideas or concerns. If we see a problem, we want to own the solution. 

Bigger challenges,
greater impact


Tomorrow will be what we make it. 

Cognite is making data do more for asset-intensive industries, from Oil & Gas to Power & Utilities to Manufacturing and beyond. We work with the companies that have the biggest impact on our planet because that's where the potential for change and progress is greatest.

Oil & Gas companies are in a fight for their lives. They acknowledge that renewables are the future and they are preparing to pivot from traditional models to become powerful, profitable "energy providers."

Success will require them to make data do more, first to optimize current operations to fulfill the growing energy demand today, and then to tackle a green and carbon-free energy future.

Enter Cognite.

Learn how sustainability is powered by data