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The countdown to 2050 has begun.

The industries that power the world’s economies need to transform now to make the vision of a greener, smarter second half of the 21st century a reality.

There's no time to lose. What can we do — and what must we do — now through 2050?

Find out when Ignite Talks, one of the world’s largest industrial technology and digitalization conferences, returns on Sept. 21-23, 2021.


Past Conferences

Ignite Talks 2020 put the virtual spotlight on the leaders and innovators behind the wheel, steering our industries and supply chains toward a better, data-driven, and sustainable industrial future.

Set against the backdrop of an unpredictable present, the conference brought the world’s leading industrial and technological minds together to envision a bold digital future — one where we realize the true value of our industrial data and tackle our greatest challenges.

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ON DEMAND - 2020

Schedule & Speakers - 2020

October 27, 2020:
Igniting Industrial Transformation: Europe & Norway’s Leading Role

As we find ourselves at a technological, economic, and environmental crossroads, we see leaders of business, government, and industry in Europe taking control of how we transform. The opening day of Ignite Talks 2020 highlighted how leaders in Europe are melding minds and machines, and inspiring a transformation of heavy-asset industries and supply chains.


October 28, 2020:
America’s Industrial Transformation

The United States’ technology prowess and raw innovative capacity is unmatched, and its heavy-asset industries are taking steps to leverage technology at scale in order to jump-start digital transformations. What will it take to succeed, what role does technology play, and will we see American heavy-asset industries and their workforces once again set the pace for global innovation?


October 29, 2020:
Driving a Global Transformation from the Bottom Up

The domains and technologies behind the scenes are the real drivers of industrial transformation. The final day of Ignite Talks gave us an insider's view into technology adoption, empowering users with data and domain-specific insights into subsurface and exploration, detection and warning, ocean data, sustainability, and more.




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