Business Transformation

Share operational data to improve collaboration and performance.

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Access to open operational data means manufacturers and suppliers can now see exactly how products are performing on site. Using this data, companies can transform their relationships with their supply chain, moving to performance-based contracts that incentivize greater collaboration and innovation for mutual benefit.

With Cognite’s
Business Transformation solution:

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Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) liberates and contextualizes real-time data, allowing users to analyze and monitor operational performance.
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OEMs and suppliers use operational data to develop and optimize parts, delivering benefits such as longer lifetimes, better performance, or greater efficiency.
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Manufacturers and operators can greatly reduce risk by testing hypotheses on digital twins of assets and equipment, and apply learnings to physical assets once results are calculated.
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Subject matter experts (SMEs) from Cognite will collaborate with your team to optimize your Business Transformation. This means we’ll give you personalized advice and expert tips to help you deliver sustainable practices and operations from the very start.

Transform partner relationships with Asset Data Insight

Access, view, and draw insights from all operation data and analytics via Asset Data Insight.

Sharing performance data with manufacturers and suppliers allows them to quickly develop models for components and test for improved performance. Asset Data Insight seamlessly connects to third-party systems, making it the perfect tool for increasing collaboration.

Asset Data Insight
Automated Identification and Reporting (AIR)

Automated Identification and Reporting (AIR)

AIR is a condition-based monitoring tool that monitors shutdown behavior and compares it with other shutdowns. Using AIR, workers can detect abnormal changes in behavior and receive timely notifications to reduce the risk of further damage.

AIR enables companies to move from unscheduled downtime to predictive maintenance, improving output and productivity. It also gives OEMs and partners the opportunity to monitor activity and performance, understand why failures occur, and access all the data they need to optimize parts and products accordingly.

Redefine relationships

Build long-term trust and loyalty and maximize the value you get out of your partners. By sharing your industrial data you transform your business relationships, turning suppliers into strategic partners.

Incentivize them to find innovative solutions to improve production. Transitioning to performance-based contracts is mutually beneficial, forming stronger collaboration and potential competitive advantage.

Redefine relationships

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Improving operational performance through digital excellence

Improving Operational Performance