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Equip your field workers with advanced technology.

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Transition to a digital workforce in the field by harnessing the power of Cognite Data Fusion (CDF). State-of-the-art technology makes all relevant data readily available to field workers, connects work orders to related data, and complements existing tools to support key workflows.

With Cognite’s
Digital Worker solution:

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Field workers have real-time access to contextualized, relevant data, allowing them to increase safety, reduce waste, and save time.
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Workers can collaborate across installations and coordinate more transparently with control room operators, onshore experts, and other colleagues.
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Facilities can optimize the planning and execution of day-to-day operations and maintenance (O&M) activities by using real-time data to quickly identify equipment in its digital and physical contexts.
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Subject matter experts (SMEs) from Cognite will collaborate with your team to streamline the Digital Worker use case process, from identification through delivery. This means we’ll help you implement the solution to create end-to-end digital value from the very start.

Power your digital workforce with InField

Improve efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance safety for field workers with InField, our flagship Digital Worker application.

Operational on both computers and mobile devices, InField allows workers to:

  • Scan or look up equipment tags to quickly access data and documentation stored in Cognite Data Fusion.
  • View detailed 3D models to navigate complex installations.
  • Use shared checklists to track corrective and preventive maintenance work.
  • Record equipment status with images and video sharing.
Operation Support
Digitalize and ditch analog

Digitalize and ditch analog

Digital technology is improving and transforming fieldwork. Pen and paper, commutes between the field and office, hazardous working conditions – all of these can be rethought and reshaped by the opportunities that connected data brings.

Designed with humans in mind

Cognite’s solutions are designed to target and eliminate field workers’ pain points. Our technology enhances their work, frees them from manual tasks, and delivers the insights they need to be more innovative and proactive.

Designed with humans in mind

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Digital Worker: Empowering field workers with easily accessible data