Make data do more for sustainability

Enable data-driven, greener operations.

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Data-driven operations aren’t just better for your company’s performance. They also deliver a more sustainable way of working that minimizes environmental impact. Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) empowers you to make better, data-driven decisions that can allow you to increase productivity while reducing emissions, reducing waste, and operating more safely. 

Cognite Data Fusion empowers more sustainable operations

Our core technology, Cognite Data Fusion, provides workers real-time analytics and sensors in order to access contextualized, relevant data, allowing them to improve their operations' accuracy and efficiency.
Operators can greatly reduce risk by testing hypotheses on digital twins of assets and equipment, and apply learnings to physical assets once results are calculated.
Automated remote operations reduce the need for human involvement, decreasing the carbon footprint and improving the speed and cost-effectiveness of required work.
Subject matter experts (SMEs) from Cognite will collaborate with your team to optimize your operation's sustainability and efficiency. This means we’ll give you personalized advice and expert tips to help you deliver sustainable practices and operations from the very start.

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