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Today’s manufacturing leaders harness the power of advanced data for digital transformation. High-quality, contextualized data gathered from multiple sources – from sensors to external providers – integrated to provide historical and real-time visibility drives advanced machinery and human decision-making.

These data insights power actions that optimize the production process. They can predict future peaks and troughs, enabling operators to take action to increase throughput. Predictive data also helps reduce inventory stock, eliminate waste, and enhance processes.

Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) helps manufacturing organizations liberate siloed data, optimize operations, and maximize the value of digitalization.

Cognite’s Industry Solutions for the manufacturing sector give you access to:

Cognite’s subject matter experts to help you create value.

We don’t simply provide the software. We ensure you get the most out of it by providing implementation partners with in-depth knowledge of manufacturing. With help from our experts, you’ll identify ways to make a real difference from the get-go.

A robust library of proven use cases.

See how other manufacturing firms have deployed CDF to drive increased operational efficiency, achieve greater throughput, and become more digitally integrated manufacturers. Take inspiration from relevant examples of real-life success.

Best practices on how to organize for value capture.

We’ll show you how to put processes and technology into place to turn manufacturing data into value. By taking an intelligent approach, you can liberate data from its siloed systems and make it easy for all workers to access and act on it.

A robust toolbox for your data scientists.

Whether seeking ways to streamline a production line or identify a fault-causing suboptimal output, we’ll give your data scientists the tools to make the best possible use of CDF. For example, move from scheduled to predictive maintenance, saving time, labor, and costs.

A how-to guide for data ingestion in CDF and building hybrid data science models.

We’ll empower your teams to maximize daily production by supporting your transition to data- and physics-driven manufacturing decisions. Production engineers can diagnose issues accurately and offer tailored solutions to enhance output.

Out-of-the-box applications from Cognite and our partners.

We work with a number of application partners who drive value for our clients in the manufacturing space. As soon you start gathering data in CDF, our partners can provide highly effective applications quickly and creatively to boost your success.

We offer solutions for:

Smart maintenance
Smart Maintenance

Predictive data is revolutionizing the way manufacturers maintain equipment and facilities. Gain a competitive edge by pre-empting and addressing issues, cutting costly downtime, and keeping operations efficient.

Process optimization
Process Optimization

Full data visibility means better decision-making and more effective production. Give engineers and teams the ability to optimize processes by equipping them with accessible, contextualized insights.

Digital worker
Digital Worker

Support your transition to a digital workforce. Empower your workers with technology that makes relevant information available everywhere, connects work orders to related data, and supports key workflows by complementing existing tools.


The manufacturing sector has the potential to limit waste, optimize processes, and increase energy efficiency. Advanced data analytics and digital monitoring make it possible.

Business model
Business model transformation

Access to open operational data means manufacturers can now see how products are performing on site, offer services such as predictive maintenance, and use data to develop optimized products.

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