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Power & Utilities

Optimize decisions and minimize costs.

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The demand for clean, renewable energy is growing. To meet the needs of an increasingly electrified society, power and utility companies need a new, data-driven approach to generation, distribution, and management. Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) can help them get there.

With liberated, contextualized data, system operators can more easily connect new power consumers and producers to the grid, and utility companies can more effectively start and stop their production. They can also optimize the use of expensive assets, minimize the costs of operating, and share data across grid levels, minimizing total costs.

CDF supports power and utilities companies in their pursuit of smarter, more efficient operations.

Cognite’s Industry Solutions for the power and utilities sector give you access to:

Cognite’s subject matter experts to help you create value.

The power and utilities sector is complex, fast-moving, and undergoing rapid transformation. Our implementation experts will partner with you to identify specific examples within your operation where you can use CDF to enhance performance and productivity.

A robust library of proven use cases.

By helping engineers optimize the start-up sequence of turbines, CDF delivered $11,000 of hourly savings for a hydroelectric plant. Just one of the many detailed use cases you can draw on to inspire and inform your deployment of data-driven solutions.

Best practices on how to organize for value capture.

Having the technology in place is crucial, but so is establishing the right processes and structures to maximize gains. From empowering workers to take action based on insights, to enabling departments to collaborate more easily, we’ll guide you towards the best practices.

A robust toolbox for your data scientists.

Your people deserve the best possible tools for the job. And that’s exactly what we’ll give them. With CDF, data scientists will experience superior systems for collecting, visualizing, analyzing, sharing, and acting on the vast amounts of data generated by power plants.

A how-to guide for data ingestion in CDF and building hybrid data science models.

Modeling operations with a digital twin brings huge benefits for power and utilities companies. New techniques, installations, and even equipment can be tested virtually – avoiding the costly downtime of slowing or pausing power production.

Out-of-the-box applications from Cognite and our partners.

In no time at all, you’ll be developing your own custom applications to meet your needs. But in the meantime, we’ll connect you with our application partners who will share ready-made power and utilities applications for you to plug and play.

We offer solutions for:

Smart maintenance
Smart Maintenance

Many power organizations still rely on scheduled checks and inefficient reactive maintenance, increasing the risk of costly shutdowns. CDF paves the way for predictive smart maintenance, using data to spot and pre-empt issues.

Production optimization
Production Optimization

In the energy industry, efficiency and optimization are crucial to success. Use data and physics-driven decision-making to continually improve processes and maximize daily production.

Digital worker
Digital Worker

Support your transition to a digital workforce. Empower your workers with technology that makes relevant information available everywhere, connects work orders to related data, and supports key workflows by complementing existing tools.


Power and utility companies can accelerate the shift to a renewable future. By making intelligent use of data to optimize operations, increase energy efficiency, and monitor equipment, industry leaders contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the industry.

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