Deliver Smarter Operations
for Power Generation and Grid

Drive sustainable digital impact across your organization with the
leading data operations and AI software ecosystem built for industry.
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Be Truly "Data-Ready"

Operationalizes IT & OT data, people, and process
at lower costs

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Make Data Powerful

Leverage prepared,
contextualized data
for advanced analytics

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Enable New Data Users

Unlock the potential of
your workforce with
lower barriers to data

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Solve More Use Cases

Minimize redundant data prep
and deploy applications

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Integrate & Scale Gracefully

Augment existing data tooling without creating
major disruption

Industry change isn’t slowing down

Today’s operators must respond quickly and decisively to dynamic, distributed power generation and a complex, ever-evolving grid. Cognite delivers a next-generation Data Operations & AI ecosystem that helps digital and operations teams work together to realize smarter O&M, facilitate remote operations, and mitigate operational risk at scale.

Smarter Asset Management for Grid and Generation Asset Operations

Increase power production, efficiency, & margin by leveraging data-enabled advanced analytics to monitor asset health, predict failure and maintenance needs, and improve decision-making at fleet-wide scale. Cognite has a track record of deployment in power plants and transmission line substations that has enabled customers to evolve their operations and improve infrastructure planning.

Improve operational visibility and reporting

Increase the confidence of your O&M decisions with higher quality analysis derived from traditional and non-traditional data sources

Optimize maintenance planning & activity

Better prioritize and group on-demand maintenance activity while reducing costs from false positive alerts and redundancy

Streamline field workflows and improve work quality

Reduce unnecessary wrench time by up to 50%, empower inexperienced personnel, and make progress on backlog

Operational Flexibility and Improved Risk Mitigation For Grid

Maximize resilience, reduce liability, and improve demand response when advanced analytics are efficiently applied to grid data. Cognite helps customers capture and prioritize the patterns and risk areas that matter (from a variety of disparate data sources) so that operators can focus on high priority activities and deliver uninterrupted service to their customers.

Maximize infrastructure reliability & efficiency

Improve substation monitoring, expand line inspection data and analysis, and automatically identify areas of emerging risk

Play offense during severe weather events & seasons

Focus on securing, maintaining, and upgrading highest areas of risk to prevent wildfire liability and minimize disruption from outages

Take advantage of smart meter data and DERs

Capture and analyze more distribution data to characterize customer behavior and equip for grid modernization efforts

Customer Use Case

Learn how a Nordic hydropower operator optimized turbine startups

Hafslund E-CO and Cognite used Cognite Data Fusion, Cognite Business Applications, and CDF's connectivity with leading low-code frameworks to enable live streaming of sensor values and alarms from the utility company’s control system, making it easier for engineers to troubleshoot alarms.

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Customer Use Case

Learn how a national Grid Operator prevents transformer failure, saving >$2M/year

Improved monitoring means increased safety and fewer costly repairs. Cognite and the grid operator used liberated, contextualized data in Cognite Data Fusion to calculate a health index for the company's transformers, enabling easy monitoring of the devices and data-driven prioritization of maintenance work.

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Cognite for operations teams

Directly contribute to and improve Reliability, Efficiency, and Safety KPIs


Directly contribute to and improve Reliability, Efficiency, and Safety KPIs 

• Reduce asset risk and unplanned outages by improving complex, distributed maintenance workflows
• Optimize asset performance in dynamic operating environments
• Empower digital workers with relevant information on-demand and better distribute knowledge throughout the organization


Deliver Successful Data Applications and ROI at Scale
with Industrial DataOps Software:

• Accelerate the development and delivery of complex, high-value digital use cases
• Reduce time-consuming data-related overhead that prevents scaling
• Future-proof your data ecosystem and adapt to evolving digital requirements & opportunities

Cognite for Digital Application & Innovations teams

Deliver Successful Data Applications and ROI At Scale With Industrial DataOps Software
Customer Use Case

Learn how Statnett is augmenting their digital foundation by simplifying data analysis

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