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Turn operational data into insights for real-time decision-making

Put the power of digital innovation in the hands of all your experts—in R&D, product, engineering, central or plant floor operations, supply chain, and aftermarket services—with an operational digital twin powered by Cognite Data Fusion®.

Cognite's business impact

Cognite Data Fusion® turns disparate data sources into an operational digital twin that's usable by all domains and scalable across your enterprise. The digital twin makes operations more predictable, sustainable, and resilient. Unlock new business opportunities by overcoming industrial data complexities:

Create relationships between data with different naming conventions and across many systems with AI-powered contextualization services.
Evolve from vendor lock-in and built-for-purpose solutions with pre-built extractors to industry-adopted solutions and an API-first approach.
Establish trust in digital twin solutions with data quality rules, data lineage, and access controls across all OT and IT data.
Incorporate video, image, infrared, and other unstructured data sources into digital twin solution development.



Operational Digital Twin

The operational digital twin provides the foundation to build tailored solutions across domains. Cognite helps scale solutions, reduce time to value and establish trust in solutions by automating creating relationships across siloed data. Cognite’s unique AI-powered contextualization services provide the foundation to make data self-service for use in tools and applications your teams already know.

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Operational control tower

Cognite’s Solutions Portal provides a single, persona-based point of access to all applications powered by Cognite Data Fusion®, from Power BI dashboards and Cognite applications to third-party Grafana solutions, and everything in between. This operational control tower helps you address:

  • Cost: Reduce costs through remote and real-time monitoring, and preventive and predictive insights.
  • Sustainability: Understand, control, and improve your use of energy, materials, and water to reduce emissions.
  • Resilience: Optimize production daily to account for variations in raw material and operating conditions.
  • Throughput and capacity: Increase your rate of production and eliminate bottlenecks and unplanned stops.
  • Quality: Reduce waste and identify root causes of operational issues.

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Process and production optimization

Cognite Data Fusion® offers a managed, automated, and intelligent way to collect and contextualize industrial IT, ET, and OT data. With solutions that integrate R&D, process, and plant engineering and operations, you can anticipate, identify, and correct critical-to-quality (CTQ) parameters before they affect the bottom line. 

  • Shift left, get it right the first time: Predict process outcomes and get your products to the market faster with hybrid AI models that combine physics and data science. 
  • Sustainability by design: Design your products and processes by taking emissions, energy, and resource consumption into account from the start.
  • Traceability: Track your products and materials through your value network and eliminate inefficiencies with a digital representation of the physical product life cycle.
  • Recipe optimization: Produce golden batches and reduce costly, time-consuming pilots with real-time insights from contextualized data, physics-based simulations, and quality inspection tools.

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Digital aftermarket services

The API-first approach of Cognite Data Fusion® enables you to easily and securely deliver insights to users and expand your service offerings and collaboration with customers. 

  • Data-driven insights: Equip service teams inspecting equipment in the field with decision support, advanced analytics, and hybrid AI solutions.
  • Predictive solutions: Build self-service condition monitoring and diagnostic applications into your customers’ workflows.
  • New business models: Share costs and risks with smart contracts based on performance and reliability.

Trusted by leaders in manufacturing

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We have managed to increase utilization by more than 20% - and that means more than NOK 50 million a year - with Cognite Data Fusion.
Rolf Thu

Rolf Thu

Head of IT Solutions and Partnerships
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Cognite Data Fusion enables data sharing between AkerBP and Framo, unlocking improved services and maintenance planning. Together we have changed the approach to maintenance work
Trond Petter Abrahamsen

Trond Petter Abrahamsen

Framo Services
quote icon
From day one after we went live, the data became much more accessible and manageable for the team, and we have saved a lot of time when doing analyses. Our engineers are enabled.
Håvard Knappskog

Håvard Knappskog

Automation Architect
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The project came together in just a few weeks and all integrations were smooth. Cognite was extremely quick to respond and I think it's safe to say they delivered at least 100%.


AI-powered data contextualization services

Use automated services to establish IT, ET, and OT data relationships, enabling all domains to understand data and create insights.

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Real-time data visibility from shop floor to top floor

Access millions of data points to support real-time use cases with an optimized time series database that's read- and write-optimized for subsecond latency.

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Operational Data Governance

Build trust in the solutions powered by your data with time series data quality monitoring, data lineage, and access control services in Cognite Data Fusion®.

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Templated approach to scaling

Reduce the time to scale use cases by more than 80% with templates in Cognite Data Fusion® that automatically populate data models.

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