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30 March 2023

16:00 CEST


9:00 AM CDT


11:00 午後 JST

APM success depends on solving the industrial data problem

Leverage Industrial DataOps for APM-friendly Digital Twins. 

In this product tour of data-driven APM you will:

  • Deep-dive into what is new with data-driven APM
  • Learn how the sum value of individual APM use cases can be much greater than each use case in isolation (1+1+1=5)
  • Hear from customers, partners, and product experts

Unlock your operational business value with data

15-30% Labor productivity increase

10-30% Throughput increase

30-50% Reduction in emissions

"We believe that Cognite should be shortlisted by CTOs and COOs seeking to establish a strong data management foundation to springboard asset management digitization initiatives, and energy firms looking to deploy asset performance management software"

Without Cognite Data Fusion®

  • Assets fail unexpectedly
  • Long, unprioritized maintenance backlog
  • Reactive maintenance workflow
  • Excess energy consumption
  • Distributed informal domain knowledge
  • Lacking productivity from skilled labor

With Cognite Data Fusion®

  • Reduce asset failure
  • Faster root cause analysis
  • Optimize planning and maintenance
  • Decrease waste and energy consumption
  • Self-service information for subject matter experts
  • Increase productivity in the field