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APM success depends on solving the industrial data problem

Leverage Industrial DataOps for APM-friendly Digital Twins. 

In this product tour of data-driven APM you will:

  • Deep-dive into what is new with data-driven APM
  • Learn how the sum value of individual APM use cases can be much greater than each use case in isolation (1+1+1=5)
  • Hear from customers, partners, and product experts
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Unlock your operational business value with data

15-30% Labor productivity increase

10-30% Throughput increase

30-50% Reduction in emissions

"We believe that Cognite should be shortlisted by CTOs and COOs seeking to establish a strong data management foundation to springboard asset management digitization initiatives, and energy firms looking to deploy asset performance management software"

Without Cognite Data Fusion®

  • Assets fail unexpectedly
  • Long, unprioritized maintenance backlog
  • Reactive maintenance workflow
  • Excess energy consumption
  • Distributed informal domain knowledge
  • Lacking productivity from skilled labor

With Cognite Data Fusion®

  • Reduce asset failure
  • Faster root cause analysis
  • Optimize planning and maintenance
  • Decrease waste and energy consumption
  • Self-service information for subject matter experts
  • Increase productivity in the field


Lewis Makin

Lewis Makin


Lewis Makin is a Partner at Pinnacle, specializing in delivering innovative reliability solutions to complex industrial facilities worldwide. With a deep understanding of data-driven decision-making, Lewis builds and manages long-lasting client relationships across sectors such as oil and gas, chemical, mining, and water and wastewater. His expertise in optimizing reliability and mechanical integrity program performance helps clients increase production, optimize spending, and improve process safety and environmental impact.

Moe Tanabian

Chief Product Officer

Moe Tanabian is the Chief Product Officer at Cognite. Tanabian has been driving innovation at scale for nearly three decades, particularly in the areas of software products, AI, ML, and IoT. Before joining Cognite, he held various leadership positions at Microsoft, Samsung, and Amazon. Tanabian holds a master’s degree in Systems and Computer Engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario and an MBA from the School of Business at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

Marius Christian Biermann

Product Manager


Cathrine Stenstadvold

Sr. Dir of Product Management