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Between Buzzwords and Board Rooms: What energy leaders really think about the transition toward true sustainability

Join us for a deep dive into the State of the U.S. Energy Industry Report — a survey of industry leaders conducted in partnership with The Harris Poll and Axios Studio.

This webinar will explore:

  • The prevailing myth in the energy industry is that environmental sustainability initiatives will hurt the bottom line. This simply isn’t true. In fact, sustainability can drive profits.
  • Technology enables the development of new products and services that use fewer resources and reduce waste from operations, improving environmental sustainability and operation efficiency.
  • Sustainability is a data problem. Investments in innovative software solutions will enable larger gains in environmental sustainability to drive the energy transition forward.

Speakers in this webinar:


Francois Laborie

President of Cognite North America

Cognite Logo - Horizontal Medium 2-1
Abbey Lunney

Abbey Lunney

Director Trends & Thought Leadership, The Harris Poll

Harris Poll_02
Laurent David

Laurent David

Director of Technology Development at Aker Biomarine Manufacturing LCC