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Big Bets, Bigger Rewards: How OMV Does Production Optimization at Scale

Easily accessible data drives production gains of up to .5% of original production, averaging millions of dollars a year for a single asset. Quickly scaling a solution to a fleet of assets has redefined the value proposition of digital solution deployment for OMV.

Join us in this webinar to discuss how OMV has moved from novel proofs of concept to fully scalable solutions to increase production at brownfield sites. We’ll cover:

  • The importance of bringing together IT and operational strategies to reach maximum gains at scale
  • The exponential value of deploying Cognite Data Fusion for production optimization at OMV
  • How production solutions optimize day-to-day operations at OMV and fuel the company’s future aspirations

Speakers in this webinar:

Stefan Pöllitzer

Stefan Pöllitzer

Head of Department


Gunnar Staff

Senior Principal Data Scientist

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