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DataOps: Fast tracking data insights for use case scale

Availability, access, quality, and context determine if data helps or hurts your insight-driven business. Developers struggle with these requirements as they push forward with sophisticated edge ecosystems. To get ahead, enterprises need DataOps to quickly get a handle on all business and IoT data, and match the CI/CD speed to deliver the insights stakeholders need.

In this session, Cognite and Forrester will unpack:

  • What is DataOps? What does DataOps do for the heavy asset industry?
  • How does DataOps get to the next level of edge intelligence?
  • How do DataOps technologies help design, develop, and optimize data for business outcomes?
  • How do you get started with DataOps?

Speakers in this webinar:

Michele-Goetz 1x1


VP, Principal Analyst

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Kiran Dhillon

Senior Director of Product Marketing

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Gabe Prado-1

Gabe Prado

Director of Product Marketing - Power & Utilities

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