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Enabling Flexible, Efficient Transmission Operations

In the US, transmission congestion costs $6 billion a year. This has significant implications for grid reliability, generation dispatch, and asset utilization, where suboptimal and inefficient operation trickles down to consumers through higher costs. But as data and analysis becomes more ubiquitous in grid operations, new line rating techniques can improve the day-ahead forecast accuracy of line capacity, leading to more effective use of existing infrastructure.

Join WindSim and Cognite in this webinar to discuss the emerging challenges of the industry and how dynamic line rating, enabled by a contextualized data foundation, will be instrumental in improving transmission operations.

This webinar will:

  • Uncover how WindSim is addressing key industry pain points with their unique approach to dynamic line rating and show how value is delivered at scale.
  • Explain how WindSim benefits from Cognite’s comprehensive industrial data operations and contextualization platform that makes data available, meaningful, and valuable.
  • Discuss the goals and preliminary results of the New York Power Authority's pilot initiative to leverage dynamic line rating as a key input to their forecasting solution.

Speakers in this webinar:


Francois Laborie

President, Cognite North America

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Charlton I. Clark

Charlton I. Clark

VP Business Development


Jake P. Gentle

Infrastructure Security