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End-to-end Transformation in Upstream O&G: Symbiotic Perspectives by BCG and Cognite

End-to-end Transformation in Upstream O&G: Symbiotic Perspectives by BCG and Cognite

Learn from BCG and Cognite how two symbiotic perspectives on data and organizational change together enable effective enterprise transformation.

The oil and gas industry is going through a turbulent time, making the need for more resilient and efficient operations critical to survival.

Join us in this webinar for a glimpse of what the oil and gas operator of the future looks like. We will share our experiences from working with best-in-class operators, providing practical advice on how to get there.

With BCG’s transformation expertise and Cognite’s data know-how, we provide different but symbiotic perspectives on the data and operating model foundation, and on practical operationalization.

Topics include:

  • What the transformed oil and gas operator looks like and how to get there
  • The difference between a ‘use case factory’ -approach to digital and true end-to-end digital transformation
  • The necessary orchestration of organization and data to operationalize your digital efforts in the field
  • Innovative workflow applications that break down data and organizational silos, enabling data-driven and real-time decision making
  • Examples of how subject-matter experts in the field and office will work in the 2020s


Who you will meet

MICHAEL BUFFET, MANAGING DIRECTOR AND PARTNER, BCG: Michael has spent almost 25 years in Upstream oil and gas, both from the industry and from the consulting side. He co-leads digital drilling at BCG globally and has led several digital-enabled transformations – from digital roadmap, digitally-enabled end-to-end transformation of E&P’s core workflows, complex use cases execution and change management activities. Michael was previously employed at Total and Aker and holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from INSEAD.

PIETRO ROMANIN, PARTNER, BCG: Pietro has more than 10 years of experience in the Energy and O&G sector. He has led numerous digital transformations along the oil and gas value chain from operators to contractors to OEMs in Europe, Africa, Middle east and North America. He is a core member of the energy and operations practice areas in BCG. Pietro was previously employed by Porsche and holds a Double Degree Master of Science in Management.

STEIN DANIELSEN, CO-FOUNDER & CHIEF SOLUTIONS OFFICER, COGNITE: Stein is responsible for applications and solutions built on top of Cognite Data Fusion. Over the last 25 years, he has worked for a number of companies, including Scala Computer Television, Fast Search & Transfer, and Microsoft. His multi-faceted experience in the software industry has taken him from search, real-time systems, and 3D graphics to large-scale data and transaction systems and beyond. Prior to joining Cognite, Stein was Chief Architect at Cxense ASA, where he was responsible for maintaining product interoperability, synergy, and user experience across the company’s software portfolio. He holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

CATHRINE STENSTADVOLD, DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT MANAGEMENT, COGNITE: Cathrine has more than 10 years of experience with product development. Over the past seven years, she worked with mobile application development for both the consumer and business markets. At Cognite, Cathrine is the Product Manager for the application InField, which targets field workers in heavy-asset industries, and she has worked closely with several customers on their Digital Worker initiatives.

Speakers in this webinar: