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Maximizing Production Potential with Cognite Best Day

In this webinar, we dig into modern oil and gas production and the interactions between production engineers and operators, from production planning to actual choke operations.

We’ll explore Cognite BestDay, a Cognite workflow extension to ensure that you reach your maximum production potential every day.

The way to do this is through:

  • Enhancing collaboration and information flow between key roles in day to day operations, throughout the production process
  • Decision support: Real-time production optimization, with decisions based on contextualized data
  • Empowering the operator. Ensuring transparency and ownership of what constitutes a “Best Day” and the means to achieve it

Speakers in this webinar:

Petter Jacob Jacobsen

Petter Jacob Jacobsen

VP of Product Marketing, Workflow Extension

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Gunnar Staff

Senior Principal Data Scientist, Production Optimization

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Sofie Svartdal Berge

Director of Customer Success, Product Manager of Cognite BestDay

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