Industrial Digital Academy (IDA)

The Industrial Digital Academy (IDA) is an online learning program designed to improve the digital literacy of Norway’s industrial workforce. The Industrial Digital Academy is a collaborative effort between Aker ASA, Cognite and Digital Norway.

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What is IDA?

Data is now the most valuable resource in the world. However, its value is completely dependent on its utilization. The Industrial Digital Academy (IDA) is an online learning platform aiming to empowers industrial workers with improved understanding of how to use data from asset-heavy industries to make decisions and create value.

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What does IDA offer?

The Industrial Digital Academy offers a series of foundational, online courses and training events. The level of the courses vary from basic to more advanced. Digital Basics serves as an introduction to key industrial data concepts, while Getting Hands-On takes your knowledge one step further and also includes practical exercises with industrial data. The program leverages publicly available industrial data from Cognite’s Open Industrial Data (OID) platform

Learn Digital Basics

A foundational learning path designed to upskill workers with basic digital skills, available to anyone with any digital competence, fully self-serviced. This learning path serves as an introduction and funnel into the more advanced learning paths.

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Getting Hands-On

Intermediate learning paths tailored for those who have completed Learn Digital Basics or already have a foundation of digital skills. The courses include webinars, self-study and problem solving with industrial data and cases.

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The Industrial Digital Academy gives you the opportunity to improve your digital skills and get hands-on training in the application of industrial data. Start your learning journey today!