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Industrial Digital Academy (IDA)

A collaboration between Digital Norway, Aker and Cognite to speed up industrial digitalization using industrial data. We provide upskilling opportunities that accelerate digital literacy in the workplace through e-training events and online courses.

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Why IDA, why now?

The Industrial Digital Academy (IDA) aims to up-skill members of the Norwegian industrial workforce. A sound digital skillset is always valuable, perhaps even more so during times when macro-environmental factors affect the work status of employers and employees everywhere. IDA offers important digital skills for learners to apply immediately or in the long-term. The Industrial Digital Academy’s goal is to enable the industry’s workforce to become savvy data consumers and digital leaders.

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What does IDA offer?

The Industrial Digital Academy program offers digital skills courses from basic digital literacy through to advanced industry technology skills. Our learning programs help you stay competitive in the digital age. From online webinars, e-learning courses, expert masterclasses to use-case examples and blended digital transformation programs, we empower your employees to adapt and your business to grow.

Benefit from hands-on learning

Work hands-on with real industrial data to learn how you can make data more accessible and more valuable. See how you can use data to uncover new insights to solve your use cases and explore new business opportunities. For example, discover how you can use data to predict and fix issues before they turn into real problems, and research how you can boost production with decisions informed by reliable data and physics.

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IDA Courses and Learning Paths

We offer self-study e-learning courses and webinars. The level of the courses vary from basic to more advanced. Learn Digital Basics serves as an introduction to key industrial data concepts, while Getting Hands-On takes this knowledge further and also includes practical exercises with industrial data. 

Digital Basics

A foundational learning path designed to upskill workers with basic digital skills, available to anyone with any digital competence, fully self-serviced. This learning path serves as an introduction and funnel into the more advanced learning paths. Topics include Mini-introduction to Technology, Introducing Enabling Technologies and Industrial Data Fundamentals.

Getting Hands-On

Includes several intermediate learning paths. First out is a path tailored for those who have completed Learn Digital Basics or already have a foundation of digital skills - proficient in Excel as one example. The courses include webinars, self-study and problem solving with industrial data and cases. Topics include Realizing Value of - and Visualizing - Industrial Data.

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Digital literacy has a significant impact not only on your employees' careers, but also on the growth of your business or organization.

Keeping your workforce on the pulse of technological changes will help your company succeed in a world that is becoming increasingly more reliant on data and digital skills. 

Register your company with us here, and we will get in touch with you on next steps, including how to enroll your employees in this program.