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Cognite's industry solutions accelerate your strategy for digital value creation by helping you leverage Cognite Data Fusion (CDF). CDF contextualizes your data and presents it as an operational digital twin. Simplifying the deployment of industrial applications to increase safety and efficiency, and drive revenue.

Work closely with Cognite’s subject matter experts to get up and running with our 3D Pipeline, Physics-Guided Machine Learning, and a variety of applications, including our Operation Support and Asset Data Insight.

CDF generates fast, scalable value with solutions tailored for you, drawing on proven oil and gas use cases.

Cognite’s Industry Solutions for the oil and gas sector give you access to:

Cognites subject
Cognite’s subject matter experts to help you create value.

From more accurate exploration strategies to optimizing pump performance, CDF can bring numerous benefits to oil and gas companies. Save time with predictive maintenance, reduce risk through 3D-modeling, and boost profits with production optimization.

Robust library
A robust library of proven use cases.

Once you have CDF in place, you’ll have access to a flow of comprehensive, contextualized, and coherent data from across your installation, rig, plant, or network. What next? To get you started, we’ll show you detailed examples of how similar companies put their data to work.

Best practices
Best practices on how to organize for value capture.

Organize operations in a way that can supersize digital and data excellence. We’ll provide our know-how to help you put in place the optimal systems, processes, and connections. In an industry where even marginal gains matter, this makes a big difference.

Resourceful toolbox
A robust toolbox for your data scientists.

Putting your data experts at the heart of the process, we’ll enable you to liberate your data from its silos and spread it throughout the organization to great effect. One undersea oil field overhauled a sensor array calibration process and saves $3.5 million every year.

How-to guide
A how-to guide for data ingestion in CDF and building hybrid data science models.

How do you innovate with equipment and processes in a sector where false steps and failed experiments can easily cost billions of dollars? Operational digital twins are the answer. Combine machine-learning and physics to build a virtual, testable model of any asset or site.

Out of the box
Out-of-the-box applications from Cognite and our partners.

Operation Support and Asset Data Insight are just two of the ready-made applications we’ll get you set up with from the beginning. We’ve worked with our partners to develop useful solutions to add instant value for you in the oil and gas industry.

We offer solutions for

Smart maintenance
Smart Maintenance

Clear a path to the next generation of equipment monitoring and maintenance operations. Accelerate bottom-up digital transformation. Secure both short- and long-term value generation for companies in the oil and gas industry.

Production Optimization
Production optimization

Support your transition to data- and physics-driven decision making. Heighten your production engineers’ understanding of their own operations. Empower your teams to maximize daily production.

Digital Worker
Digital worker

Support your transition to a digital workforce. Empower your workers with technology that makes relevant information available everywhere, connect work orders to related data, and support key workflows by complementing existing tools.


The oil and gas industry has a duty to protect the environment. Cognite promotes a sustainable approach to exploration and production by using real-time data to improve accuracy, and performance, while also minimizing the risk of spillage or equipment failure.

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