Cognite Data Fusion

The industrial landscape is changing faster than ever before. And the accelerant is technology. Cognite’s first two years have been full of exciting opportunities and experiences. We’ve learned a lot and we continuously apply our insights to the evolution of our team and our technology. That’s why we’re excited to announce that the Cognite Data Platform has a new name!

Cognite Data Fusion

Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) is a software package that empowers companies in industries like Oil & Gas, Energy, Shipping, and Manufacturing to extract value from their wealth of existing data by transforming it into useful information.

Before humans understood and attempted to harness the power of fusion in terms of energy, the concept was industrial: using intense heat to attach separate metal components to one another. It was about construction. Using fire to reshape metal and make tools. Accelerating human innovation and invention, creating stable superstructures to be built upon so we could scrape the sky. The industrial revolution required fusion.

Now we're doing this with data. Pushing our human ingenuity beyond its earthbound limits and forging into the cloud, into machine learning, into artificial intelligence. And this again requires fusion, reimagined. Finding new ways to connect data, making it accessible and meaningful for humans and machines.

Cognite Data Fusion integrates seamlessly with existing IT and OT infrastructures to liberate a wide variety of industrial data from separate, siloed source systems, collecting it all as a comprehensive set in the cloud, securely and without space limitations. It then structures the sensor data in relation to other relevant data (e.g., process diagrams, 3D models, event data). This contextualization step effectively creates a comprehensive digital twin of an asset or system, making data available in a way that’s intuitive to the human user and to the algorithms at work behind the applications revolutionizing industry today.

Industrial companies can use this enriched data fabric to equip more robust and reliable machine learning applications for optimization and automatization, as well as human-facing applications, such as advanced visualizations and apps for the digital field worker. By maximizing their own capabilities with data, companies can sharpen their competitive edge. Because the industrial future will be shaped by those who digitalize first and best.

Our customers are digital frontrunners, early adopters of strategic data exchange, agile ways of working, and digital twin orchestration. We’re proud that Cognite Data Fusion already empowers companies like Aker BP, Statnett, Wintershall DEA, Framo, TetraPak, and Odfjell to advance on their ambitious digital goals. And we can’t wait to see where Fusion takes us next!