How Energima built Properate on top of Cognite Data Fusion™



Energima worked with Cognite to develop Properate, a software application that enables smart management and energy optimization of commercial buildings.

Properate reduces energy waste and streamlines maintenance work, increasing the value of commercial buildings through cost cuts and improved cash flow.




In Short

Energima built Properate, a software application for managing and optimizing the energy use of commercial buildings, on top of Cognite Data Fusion™, the leading Industrial DataOps platform.

Indoor environment regulation based on real-time data, not assumptions
Helps users shift to predictive maintenance from calendar-based maintenance
Speeds up anomaly detection and facilitates instant troubleshooting


The commercial building sector consumes nearly 30% of the world's total energy use. This includes heating, cooling, and lighting of commercial buildings. Optimizing the energy use of commercial buildings can be challenging, however. Many services are performed manually, since important information is stored in different, siloed systems. Additionally, energy consumption calculations are cumbersome and inaccurate, deviations are often discovered late and are time-consuming to rectify, and documentation can be hard to find.

Energima, a Norwegian solution provider for HVAC systems in commercial buildings, wanted to develop a platform that would enable users to view and analyze all of this information in a single interface. With all the data available in one place, users would be able to easily monitor historical and real-time performance, and analyze, regulate, and automate the indoor environment management and energy needs of their buildings in a more dynamic and effective way.



Energima worked with Cognite to develop Properate, a software application that collects building data from all relevant systems, contextualizes and analyzes it, and makes it accessible and intuitive to users. This enables building owners, portfolio managers, technicians, and other users to simplify and optimize how they monitor buildings and make data-driven decisions to improve performance.

Different users can use Properate to instantly see data and key performance indicators relevant to them, whether it’s building energy use over time, deviations and alarms, planned activities, and more. Properate learns from buildings and users over time, creating a foundation for commercial building management driven by algorithms and machine learning.

The flexible and scalable Cognite Data Fusion™ data model is the key to Properate’s ability to optimize any commercial building—even older buildings. Properate transforms data related to each building into a digital twin, which models everything from how tenants use buildings to how individual buildings react to changing temperature and weather conditions. Everything is connected: overarching systems, assets, sensor values, events, files, and more.


Properate serves as the operating system for smart management of commercial buildings, tying together all relevant systems to make data accessible and meaningful to users. Benefits include:

  • Sustainability: The commercial sector plays an important role in cutting energy waste and CO2 emissions. Properate makes new and existing buildings more energy efficient, using AI to learn from historical operations and optimize energy use.
  • Maintenance: Properate helps users move from calendar-based maintenance to predictive maintenance. By monitoring real-time data, the application can alert users to when maintenance is actually needed, reducing waste.
  • Costs: Properate cuts costs by reducing energy waste and streamlining maintenance work, extends the lifetime of buildings and equipment, and speeds up troubleshooting. Additionally, the smart capabilities introduced by Properate will increase the value of the buildings themselves.

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