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Return on investment


Net present value

14 months

Payback period

Source: Forrester Total Economic Impact™️ of Cognite Data Fusion®

Stop reacting: 3 ways chemical producers can deliver proactive operations

This webinar isn’t just another story about how data-driven operations are important, it’s about how your operational data, tools, and processes must be flexible enough to match your dynamic operations environment and ways of work. 

Join Cognite and Pinnacle as they present case studies and learned experience from the chemical industry to discuss three key ways to become more proactive in daily operations:

  • How to inject more relevant context into data-driven analytics and applications
  • How to empower the workers most close to operations with more insights and agility than ever
  • How to use these changes in data strategy to move to a proactive reliability strategy 
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Process industries have an industrial data problem

What can technology do for your frontline workers, subject matter experts, and data scientists? While most have invested in digital programs to deliver predictable operations, reduce energy consumption, respond to changes faster, and upskill their workforce, many still struggle to move beyond lighthouse projects and realize ROI at scale.

Siloed industrial data

Structured and unstructured data remains in disparate systems such as historians, ERP, CMMS, IoT platforms, etc., making data difficult to find, access, and use

Lack of context

Data relationships remain largely unmapped, putting the burden on subject matter experts to understand and interpret what the data means

Inability to scale use cases

Today, scaling is largely a manual process as use cases are developed individually, at high cost, and with little repeatability