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Get the Most out of Gen AI for Industry with Cognite Atlas AI™

Cognite Atlas AI is an industrial agent workbench that extends Cognite Data Fusion®. Get a low-code industrial agent builder that enables you to use Gen AI to carry out more complex operations with greater accuracy, including workflow automation and decision-making support, and accelerate efficiencies that can generate tens of millions of dollars in business impact.

Atlas AI

Industrial agents

Low-code industrial agent builder to create and deploy custom agents

Industrial Knowledge Graph

A semantic Industrial Knowledge Graph with Context Augmented Generation (CAG)


Industrial use case- tailored autoLLM capabilities to choose the best LLM/SLM for your specific data and industrial agent

Easy deployment

Natively deploy industrial agents into all Cognite product portfolio interfaces or 3rd party interfaces such as Microsoft Copilot via easy plug-ins.

Build and orchestrate specialized industrial agents tailored to provide domain-specific insights and automate complex, industry-relevant tasks.

Cognite Atlas AI delivers everything necessary for you to deploy industrial agents on top of your own data.

Cognite industrial agent library

  • Leverage Out-of-the-Box industrial agents 
  • Browse industrial agents developed by Cognite customers and partners
  • Build your own industrial agents
Cognite Industrial Agent Library
Cognite Industrial Agent Composer

Industrial agent builder

A low-code tool to create virtual AI assistants focused on solving domain-specific problems with a deep understanding of the industry’s context, terminology, and workflows.

Cognite Atlas AI™ walks you through every step of the process:

  • Problem Definition and Requirements Analysis
  • Data Collection and Preprocessing
  • Model Selection and Design
  • Training and Optimization
  • Testing and Validation
  • Deployment and Monitoring
  • Maintenance and Continuous Improvement

Context Augmented Generation

Traditional Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) allows LLMs to leverage information retrieved from your entire database. CAG further augments LLMs with context derived from previous interactions, user data, or domain-specific information, driving more accurate and powerful applications for specific industry-relevant tasks.

autoLLM, foundational models, and AI infrastructure

Industrial use-case tailored autoLLM capabilities to choose the best LLM/SLM for your data and your industrial agent, as well as hosting and integration of foundational models, including abstraction layer and prompt optimization.

Cognite Industrial Agent Dashboard

We are seeing a shift from a singular category of models to a portfolio of models where customers have the ability to make decisions on the best models for their specific scenarios. Cognite Atlas AI brings Context Augmented Generation to Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and, together, we are pushing the boundaries of what language models can do for industrial organizations.

Darryl Willis

Corporate Vice President Energy and Resources Industry

Optimize and automate business processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve operational accuracy with Cognite Atlas AI.