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Optimize maintenance planning with Cognite

Bring AI and seamless collaboration into your maintenance process and break down traditional data and organizational barriers.

Reduce planned shutdowns by 15-30% annually

5% efficiency gain in maintenance execution

Deliver more successful maintenance campaigns with optimized planning and execution

Prioritize maintenance backlog and execution

Optimize work and resources, bundle activities, and utilize asset health knowledge to better plan activities for scheduled maintenance and turnarounds

How Celanese uses Cognite Data Fusion® to power its “Digital Plants of the Future”

  • Improved visibility and collaboration
  • Improved tracking and trending of historical data
  • An integrated “Digital Plant of the Future” that serves as a single repository for all domain experts

Integrate planning across teams

Visualize schedules across maintenance, operations, and more in one pane of glass to prevent conflicts and last-minute changes.

Forrester examined the benefits of deploying Cognite

  • 400% ROI and $21.6M in total benefits
  • $1.5M gained from improved SME efficiency
  • $4.3M cost reduction by optimizing planned maintenance

Digitalize work preparation

Perform isolation planning and line walks in a collaborative digital workspace. Visualize and annotate engineering diagrams from multiple sources.

By deploying Cognite Maintain a US Oil supermajor saw

  • $4.6M estimated savings
  • 2 days to scale TAR solution scenario to another asset
  • 100 fewer hours required by SMES to find, clean, and integrate data
Learn how to achieve data-driven asset performance management

Demo the software and explore how to optimize maintenance planning

See how we make generative AI work for industry

Maintain is part of Cognite's Application Suite for Asset Performance Management Intelligence

Maintain leverages Cognite Data Fusion® for simple access to complex industrial data and effortless scaling across sites.

Understand the potential value of Cognite
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Cloud and non-cloud data onboarding from IT/OT/ET