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Increase field productivity with Cognite

Put real-time data into the hands of every field worker. Empower decision-makers and enhance productivity.

Save 30-80% of time spent on maintenance execution

Enable operations and maintenance teams to execute field work more efficiently.

Deploy Google-like search with Generative AI

Search for assets and equipment in common domain language. Navigate through P&ID's or 3D from any device .

  • Up to 50% reduction in time spent on visual inspection tasks
  • 75% decrease in the time needed for inspections
  • Access to contextualized data in the field

Leverage a unified view into operational data

Access time series, documents, work orders, notifications, images and more from a single, contextualized view .

Forrester examined the benefits of deploying Cognite

  • 400% ROI and $21.6M in total benefits
  • $9 million gained through the optimization of heavy machinery and industrial processes
  • $4.3M cost reduction by optimizing planned maintenance

Digitalize operator rounds

Create, schedule, and, assign operator rounds. Execute and report with all relevant data available at the operator’s fingertips.

Use AI and automated contextualization to execute smarter, hybrid field operations.

  • 30-50% reduction in time to execute scheduled work orders
  • $2.3M gains from real-time data efficiencies
Learn how to achieve data-driven asset performance management

Demo the software and explore how to increase field productivity with Cognite.

See how we make generative AI work for industry

InField is part of Cognite's Application Suite for Asset Performance Management Intelligence

InField leverages Cognite Data Fusion® for simple access to complex industrial data and effortless scaling across sites and teams.

Understand the potential value of Cognite
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Industrial Canvas
Industrial Canvas
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Data modelling
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Data contextualization
Cloud and non-cloud data onboarding from IT/OT/ET
Cloud and non-cloud data onboarding from IT/OT/ET