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Your exceptional industrial operations
experience starts here

Meet the world's first industrial canvas, built for collaborative root cause analysis and AI-powered analytics at scale

The digital workspace for data-driven planning, troubleshooting, and operational insights.

Give your teams simple access to complex industrial data, in your language and on your terms.


One workspace for all your industrial data

  • Drag and drop time series charts, P&ID drawings, 3D models, tables, images, and more
  • Leverage the generative AI copilot to simplify your project
  • No need to hop between data & analytics applications to find answers


Enable multi-stakeholder participation in projects

  • Use intuitive tools to annotate and comment charts, images, analyses, and more
  • Tag users for questions or input without leaving the project
  • Easily share industrial insights with field workers, domain experts, and more


Find and store new meaning from your data

  • Summarize complex documents quickly with large language models
  • Create powerful, data-driven narratives with minimal effort
  • Store these derivatives automatically in context in your knowledge graph

What are the steps required to perform the following using the GraphQL:

Create an inspection order for all pumps made by Acme after 2015 in the compounding plant, serviced in January, that have had high upstream pressure spices lasting more than one minute in the last four months.

Why Industrial Canvas?

Without Industrial Canvas

  • Use multiple software for insights

  • Data discovery takes hours

  • Operational insights remain isolated

  • Changing data or parameters is inflexible

  • Heavy reliance on code

With Industrial Canvas

  • One place to gather data & analyze with flexible view

  • Type what you need, let generative AI do the heavy lifting

  • Instantly share insights across stakeholders

  • Infinite space to innovate and expand

  • A true no-code experience

Watch: How to access complex industrial data in seconds

How it works

Built with AI, using Cognite Data Fusion®’s knowledge graph, canvas acts as a single pane of glass to all contextualized images, time series, reports, diagrams, work orders, and more.


Annotate and mark up

Data-driven production optimization

Real time charts from any source

James smith

Safety & sustainability

AI-powered recommendations


Initial PSV turn off

Here's a work order suggestion for the next 7 days because:

  • There are 1 day(s) between the scope end date and this work order's deadline (10)
  • This work order is in the proximity of 4 work orders in scope (30)


Automated & standardized workflows

Collaborate with colleagues


Great work @jamessmith ! Can you share with the team?


Scalable solutions & apps

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Application Data Models


Specific - targets one solution

Faster to change

Can have bespoke data quality configurations

Speaks to application business domain




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Operational (OT) data


Conventional (IT) data


Engineering (ET) data

Field workers data

Robotics data

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