How Cognite Data Fusion helps OMV’s production engineers save time

Cognite worked with OMV to eliminate manual data gathering and calculations.

The solution helps OMV’s production engineers prevent production losses and saves them about five hours a week.

In Short

OMV used DataOps provided by Cognite, including Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), to combine data from six different systems, giving production engineers a simple, efficient way of monitoring well operating envelopes.

5 hours saved per week
Reduced production losses


The Austrian integrated oil and gas producer OMV operates several fields worldwide. The company’s production engineers conduct daily reviews of production data to monitor the wells’ operating envelopes, looking for patterns that require intervention. By taking action as early as possible, the engineers can perform mitigating actions before the issues affect production.

Originally, OMV’s engineers kept track of production data in a spreadsheet, plotting well operating points and pressure and flow constraints in a PQ diagram to monitor how the wells were performing. While this method enabled OMV to monitor the operating envelopes, the production engineers spent several hours a week manually updating constraints and copying and pasting information from simulation software to keep the spreadsheets updated. On top of that, the spreadsheets were slow to open and refresh, and without versioning control, users might accidentally look at outdated data.


OMV and Cognite worked together to ingest data from six different source systems, including Prosper and OSIsoft PI, into Cognite Data Fusion (CDF). Once all the relevant data about well operating envelopes was stored in one place, the development team visualized the information in dashboards built in Grafana.

The well dashboards give production engineers a real-time multifield overview of OMV’s gas field operations, enabling them to view field alerts, charts, and key performance indicators. The engineers can also drill down by selecting specific fields or wells to review data related to those assets.


The well dashboards give OMV’s production engineers all the data they need to monitor well operating envelopes in one place, enabling them to immediately act on the information to, for example, prevent suboptimal well operation or even critical situations, which could limit production losses. The dashboards also eliminate the time production engineers normally spend manually updating the well envelope monitoring spreadsheets.

OMV estimates saves the engineers five hours a week, which is time that can be reinvested in high-value tasks.

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