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A Monumental Cognite Data Fusion® Product Release


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The latest release of Cognite Data Fusion® brings over 40+ new features that make it easier to search for, collaborate on, and use complex industrial data to improve production uptime and scale industrial use cases across the enterprise.

Cognite, a globally recognized leader in industrial software, today announced a monumental product release for Cognite Data Fusion® that provides a new paradigm for using industrial data, including new innovative search, collaboration, and generative AI features. Cognite Data Fusion® is bringing contextualized data into the hands of engineers and workers in the field to empower them to achieve higher production uptime, leading to tens of millions of dollars in increased enterprise value.

A new paradigm for the industrial user experience

Cognite Data Fusion® is now even more personalized. We bring the most relevant tools, insights, and data directly to our users with workspaces for industrial users and data managers. This ensures that it is intuitive to start for the first time and efficient to jump back in for a seamless user experience.

We have also revamped our search and exploration experience to provide a simplified tool for everyone in the organization. The new user interface also provides an intuitive way to search for and access data, called  Cognite Search. Users have a simplified way of exploring their data, complete with the ability to easily pick up where they left off in their last session.june-release-1

An incredible Industrial Canvas for collaboration

We are excited to make Industrial Canvas generally available to all Cognite’s customers. Already a daily part of life for thousands of users, Industrial Canvas is an intuitive tool that lets industrial users collaborate directly on their contextualized data for quicker and higher-quality decisions. Here, users can access contextualized engineering data and diagrams, and operational data such as time series and sensor data alongside their structured IT data. 

Cognite’s customers have found that working collaboratively across functions in their Industrial Canvas has led to significant time savings and more efficient root cause analysis to improve production uptime.


Time series analysis without the worry

Charts serve as the cornerstone for analyzing time series data for users of Cognite Data Fusion® and is a trusted tool to analyze and monitor equipment and set thresholds for predictive maintenance.

The new version of Charts comes with built-in data quality solutions that enable users to have better trust in the data that they see and rely on Charts for their troubleshooting decision-making. 

Charts also now comes with an intuitive way to set up monitoring and thresholds to enable proactive investigation. Anybody can now easily monitor time series and get alerted when key equipment indicators deviate from their expected values.


Transforming operations with data

Cognite is transforming how companies operate, starting with the frontline. Field workers now have instant access to OT, IT and Engineering data in the field from their phone and can easily search for and act on highly critical findings. This provides a simple starting solution for field workers, which is easy to deploy and can be scaled seamlessly across users, workflows, and sites.

There are also significant improvements to how maintenance activities are planned using Cognite Data Fusion®, with improved resource estimates, customizable observations field, seamless work order sequence, and trade-matrix creation.

We are also bringing new robotics capabilities to enable automated rounds, including an easy way to create and plan entire robotic missions offline using visual data and 3D data to define tasks and camera positions so that once a robot is on-site, it can be deployed to do recurrent missions without any further configuration. 


Scaling Cognite Data Fusion® across the enterprise

With this release, we make it easy to add new users and give them a delightful experience the first time they log into Cognite Data Fusion®. We have streamlined the configuration for new users, eliminating delays and alleviating the burden on IT for setup.


We have also added new features to make it easier and more efficient to extract, contextualize, and access the data in Cognite Data Fusion®. With improved data workflows, we have minimized the heavy lifting required for technical users and data scientists to orchestrate data processes while ensuring improved accuracy of data retrieval, richer information, and more seamless data syncing across systems. 

We also continue to make it easier for developers to create new applications that utilize the contextualized data in Cognite Data Fusion® by providing a convenient API to retrieve data points and aggregates. We have been excited to see that the developer community around Cognite Data Fusion® continues to grow and will continue to enable developers to get more out of Cognite Data Fusion®.

For more information or questions, please get in touch here or dive deeper into the June 2024 Product Release with the below materials that include selected deep dives:

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