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One Year Reflections on Generative AI for Industry

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This time last year, I wrote to you all and said generative AI is an unprecedented opportunity for technology to transform industry—to eclipse even the progress made during the Industrial Revolution. Today, as I look back on all we have accomplished with our team, our partners, and our customers in the short time since, I am even more bullish that this was the moment Cognite was built for.  

I am incredibly proud of the speed and success of our generative AI innovation thus far.

We lit up our partner ecosystem, bringing AI solutions to our joint customers and working together to advance AI use case development and deployment at a breakneck pace. With Microsoft, for example, we extended our strategic partnership to Microsoft Fabric and Azure OpenAI Service, delivering an Industrial Data and AI toolbox that enables our customers to move from idea to production faster than they ever dreamed possible.  

Today, we have Gen AI-powered use cases live in production environments with select customers. These customers are experiencing the transformative power of Gen AI—exploring data using natural language, automatically analyzing, parsing, and summarizing documents, and using copilots to generate and test code. These real-world applications are just the beginning of what Gen AI can do.

Perhaps most rewarding to me personally, we also spent the last year in the field, sharing our expertise and learning from our customers, hosting public and private generative AI summits worldwide in industrial hubs like Houston, Oslo, Amsterdam, Calgary, Tokyo, and Abu Dhabi.

Reflecting on our journey, I am excited about what lies ahead. Cognite is driven by a bold vision and an unwavering belief in our ability to tackle complex business problems with our unique AI solutions. I am more convinced than ever that Gen AI is a crucial part of our product strategy, and our team of exceptional engineers is rising to the challenge. Gen AI will enhance our core product capabilities, delivering advanced contextualization and next-generation data exploration, and it will also enable rapid and highly flexible use case delivery, accelerating customer validation of innovative solutions.

Our team of Data and AI experts is eagerly engaged with customers like Aker BP, Aramco, Celanese, Cosmo Energy, JFE Steel, and NOVA Chemicals to share what we have learned, understand where AI is most valuable in complex operations, and co-innovative the future of Gen AI solutions purpose-built for Energy, Process Manufacturing, and other industrial companies. As I asked last year, will you take up the mantle? If so, reach out. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together. 

Girish Rishi
CEO, Cognite

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