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Digital Transformation and Gen AI Success Starts with Simple Access to Complex Industrial Data

Make industrial data a true first-class citizen and deliver on your promise of digital operations and Gen AI with Cognite Data Fusion®.

How it all began

Built by industry, for industry

Plagued by legacy practices that come at the cost of speedy innovation and long-term differentiation, many industrial organizations struggle to grasp the value of their digital efforts. We believe in working in close collaboration with customers to address the most valuable problems their organization faces and make sure that the solutions being built are relevant and can be scaled.

Shaping a novel software category: Industrial DataOps

Cognite Releases First-of-its-Kind Industrial DataOps Book

In the midst of the largest industrial revolution, Cognite announced the release of The Definitive Guide To Industrial DataOps. A first for the industry, the book defines and explains the emerging discipline of Industrial DataOps, while addressing the urgency driven by accelerating, data-driven shifts that modern organizations now navigate.


Industrial DataOps depends on collaboration with domain experts.


Data is only as valuable as the analytics behind it and the scale of people who use it.


Extracting the value of the data requires an agile approach.


The 7 principles of Industrial DataOps

Relentlessly delivering value to our customers

The business value of Industrial DataOps

Our customers leverage Cognite Data Fusion® to make data more accessible and meaningful to process engineers, field workers, maintenance teams, and other data consumers, driving insights that unlock opportunities in real-time, reduce costs, and improve the integrity and sustainability of their operations. Read their success stories.

Putting a number to it

Summary of benefits

(three-year risk-adjusted)

Improved SME efficiency


Revenue gains arising from shorter shutdown period


Real-time data efficiencies


Optimized planned maintenance programme


Energy efficiency savings


Optimization of heavy machinery and industrial work-flow


400% ROI and $21.6M of total benefits

Derived from first-person research and interviews across Cognite's customer base in oil and gas, manufacturing, power and cleantech, this Forrester study provides strong evidence that solving the industrial data problem is critical in realizing value from industrial digitalization efforts.

Making AI work for industry, and going beyond the hype

Cognite Releases Industry's First Definitive Guide to Generative AI

The Definitive Guide to Generative AI for Industry, a manual for companies to accelerate AI innovation and reduce time to value, is the second book from Cognite and follows the 2021 release of The Definitive Guide to Industrial DataOps. The book explains and defines the technological requirements necessary to make AI work for industry.


LLMs + Knowledge Graph = trusted, explainable Generative AI for industry


Generative AI for industry needs to be safe, secure, and hallucination free


To apply Generative AI in industrial environments, context is everything


The business value of Generative AI is in its application to the real-world needs of field engineers

Driving operational excellence

Supercharge your way to industrial transformation

Together, the books demystify industrial digitalization and help make sense of how Industrial DataOps and Gen AI can revolutionize how organizations manage complex data. On the field, our team of experts is eagerly engaged with customers to share what we have learned, understand where AI is most valuable in operations, and co-innovative the future of Gen AI solutions purpose-built for industrial companies.

Making it simple & scalable

Leverage intuitive platform features for comprehensive transformation

Intuitive, simple access to complex data for operators, domain experts, and field workers to analyze, collaborate on, and solve RCA, TAR planning, ad-hoc decision-making, and more with Cognite’s Industrial Canvas

Your search for the right industrial data platform ends here

We know you run into the same blockers with every data platform you’ve evaluated

Cognite takes a different, open, extensible approach to actually meet the needs of your business.

With other data platforms

You have to play by your vendor's rules and can't use data exactly how you need to

Your SMEs and domain experts spend too much time and resources manually  contextualizing and maintaining data

You have to rebuild all or parts of your data infrastructure to fit various business use cases

You have to add a lot of complexity and failure points when dealing with robotic and fieldwork data

You don't always have confidence in the fidelity or availability of your data streams

With Cognite Data Fusion®

Stop wasting data. Put it all to good use in a unified, centralized view and drive repeatable business value in the field and back office

Leverage automated data contextualization and let algorithms and rules populate and maintain your data models with expert input

Reuse configurations and scale quickly with pre-built data pipelines, data models, and application templates

Extend to autonomous workflows with Cognite's ability to control and ingest robotic inspection data (readings, images, audio, etc.)

Take advantage of an open, stable API and improve the trust, reliability, security, and extensibility of your data models

Are you ready for simple access to complex industrial data?

Get a live software demo of Cognite Data Fusion® and see all your industrial data, in context, and accessible at scale.

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