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How Cognite visualized risk factors to boost worker safety for Aker BP

Aker BP used DataOps provided by Cognite, including Cognite Data Fusion® and Cognite’s REVEAL 3D viewer, to build a tool that visualizes how conflicts and hazardous conditions may affect upcoming maintenance tasks at the Ivar Aasen oil field.


Make data a part of daily risk assessment

The daily off-shore evening meeting at Aker BP’s installations is where the agenda for the next day is set. The purpose of the hour-long meeting is to perform a risk assessment of the complete set of tasks planned for the following day to ensure work can be executed safely and efficiently.

However, offshore management teams felt that the meeting structure left room for improvement. Data about work permits, operational risk assessments, and temporary deviations are stored in separate systems, meaning members of the team spend much of their time before and during the meeting on accessing and compiling information that is not readily available.

In addition to technological obstacles, there is the human element. Factors affecting risk exposure and planning such as a deviation that was observed during the day—a spill or a piece of equipment emitting a strange noise, for example—has to be entered manually in today’s system, meaning that someone has to remember to include it, or to bring it up during the meeting.

Given the amount of work, complexity, and sometimes limited system support, it's possible that safety concerns could slip through the cracks.



Visualizing risk factors

Aker BP fed data about work permits, leaks, barrier impairments, well integrity status, noise levels, and more into Cognite Data Fusion®. Working with Innovazionizer and Omega, Aker BP used Cognite’s 3D viewer to build a visualization tool that shows how conflicts and hazardous conditions may affect the risk associated with upcoming maintenance tasks.

For example, technicians can use the tool to see the latest reported noise level in the area where the maintenance will take place, and whether multiple maintenance tasks are scheduled to take place near one another—including at other levels of the installation.



Increased efficiency and worker safety

The visualization tool boosts worker safety by giving offshore management team a clear overview of factors that affect safe execution of upcoming maintenance tasks, helps Aker BP fulfill its responsibilities under the health, safety and the environment (HSE) regulations enforced by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway, and expedites risk assessment during work permit meetings.


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