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How rapid third-party integration in Cognite Data Fusion® empowers HMH to choose partners

Cognite is working with MHWirth (now known as HMH) to capture, contextualize, and organize large volumes of complex industrial data.With Cognite Data Fusion®, MHWirth was able to feed the data into their maintenance programs quickly and securely, and deliver on a new performance-based contract.


Deliver on a new performance-based contract

Leading drilling technology and service provider MHWirth landed a new contract to maintain all drilling equipment for a premier offshore drilling company. To fulfill the commitment of their performance-based maintenance contract, MHWirth needed to develop efficient, data-driven maintenance programs.

They had live sensor data streaming from the drills into their state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, but they hit a roadblock when they tried to set up predictive models and create insightful visualizations of the data. MHWirth lacked the necessary IT infrastructure to integrate large volumes of data simply and securely into their analytics and visualization tools.

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Data visualization for predictive analysis of equipment

MHWirth implemented Cognite Data Fusion™ to capture and organize their large data streams. Using an API key, Cognite was quickly able to extract the necessary data from MHWirth’s internal database, SAP, and onboard historians, convert it into XML, and then ingest it into the cloud-native data platform. The custom extraction process ensured that the relationships between data and objects were maintained while automatically creating a full, real-time asset hierarchy in Cognite Data Fusion®.

With all the relevant data in Cognite Data Fusion®, MHWirth could use the visualization and analytics tools of their choice to create digital representations of the current state of their drilling equipment. The tools, which were provided by Statistica and implemented by Precise Prediction, enabled MHWirth to perform predictive analysis on the data.

Cognite Data Fusion® fed a stream of real-time data directly into the Statistica model, then wrote the results back into Cognite Data Fusion® via a Power BI connector to create visualizations using Spotfire, another third-party tool.

MHWirth dashboards now use both historical and real-time data to inform experts about the true condition of the equipment. This is the prerequisite for assuring maximum uptime of drilling equipment in operation and enabling predictive maintenance.


Insightful maintenance programs that keep costs in check, extend lifespan of equipment, and decrease downtime

The team at MHWirth was delighted with the speed and ease of the project. From a standing start, the whole system was up and running within just a few weeks. Cognite’s user-friendly APIs made their selected solutions with Statistica and Spotfire essentially plug-and-play.

By bringing all industrial data together in one place and linking it automatically to an asset hierarchy, Cognite Data Fusion® gives MHWirth a better understanding and fuller control over their industrial reality. It also enables the company to continuously innovate on the services they provide to drilling companies and provide condition-based maintenance services.

Experts analyzing the data in MHWirth’s system can rapidly identify which equipment needs service, prioritize their actions, and advise on optimal maintenance. The company has the intelligence to develop truly insightful maintenance programs, keeping maintenance costs in check, extending the lifespan of equipment, improving equipment reliability, and avoiding and minimizing unplanned maintenance and downtime.

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