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How OMV uses data from Cognite Data Fusion® to reduce inspection time and deferments

Cognite Data Fusion® powers OMV’s surface data hub and enables rapid scaling of digital solutions across assets in Austria, New Zealand, and Romania. Already, OMV has deployed solutions within both production and maintenance optimization leading to a 50% reduction in inspection planning time and 6% deferment savings on production.


“Cognite Data Fusion® is an integrated part of our enterprise architecture and is the best platform to consolidate and liberate data for our surface data domains. We have built several use cases and applications on this liberated data which can now be easily scaled to our physical assets. The successful integration of Cognite Data Fusion® into our landscape is key to liberating data for further accelerating our digital application ecosystem.” says Markus Berghofer SVP for IT and Digital at OMV Energy.

OMV is expanding its asset performance management (APM) capabilities to include integrity management, as well as integration with computerized maintenance management systems for integrated activity planning across different operations disciplines. This expansion of DigitUP will empower users in maintenance, inspection, operations, and sustainability roles with a robust suite of digital solutions to support their decision-making, reduce costs, and maximize asset performance.

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