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Moelven optimizes process and production with Cognite Data Fusion®

Moelven, one of the biggest Scandinavian wood processing companies, leveraged Cognite Data Fusion® to set the foundation for scaling across processes and production units to improve equipment availability, and kiln operation and production

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6 weeks to integrate all relevant data sources for production at one site

2 weeks to expand from one site to 10 more

1 month to scale data-driven solutions across 11 sites

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In their own words

In only 6 weeks we have gathered all the data, we had actually, onsite, looked into what do we want to measure in safety, quality, delivery, and efficiency. And that has helped us to increase value every day in our production.
Former Dalaträ CEO
Our goal is to free up data from different silos and put it in one place where we have the ability to scale and implement the same solution in many different sites. And that’s where we saw Cognite Data Fusion as a really good platform, where we could get the data from different sources, connect it to each other, and create relationships. We saw a platform which was developed for the industry.
Development Engineer
We use Cognite Data Fusion every day from the sawline itself, to collect all the data in one place instead of having 5 to 6 different screens. It’s very time-efficient. Instead of looking through all the other systems and finding the right system for starters, we can just go through to the same screen every time, and from here we can find anything we want.
Sawline Foreman